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Cebu’s Lechon and Hanging Rice ” puso” + Siomai sa Tisa ; Cebu’s Trademark

I was once asked by a foreigner ,” What defines your country ? ” 
and without hesitation, I answered, ” Our food, aside from our rich history, defines Us “

and he smiled after.

– Shing


The Philippines.My country.The land of my birth, where I enjoy my every birthright.The place where I first learned how to dream and the place where I am planning to see myself having my last breath.A place that I am certainly proud of.

A country so beautiful, it even captured every foreign invaders hearts’ before. Tag as the ” Pearl of Orient “,my country has every single thing an international palate would wish to have.We have our what-so-called ” unique Filipina beauty “,that’s why my country the Philippines is always present in every beauty contest.We have also, a what-so-called ” Filipino hospitality”, usually felt by foreigners who are welcome warmly at the airport everytime they visit our country.We love to accommodate people and host them in every event such as birthday party, wedding and etc.If I could enumerate them all, well , I do really hope and wish I could, but I think, we need a whole day for it.So, as the 7,107 diverse islands separate by waterforms, by the dialects that we speak,traditions for every tribes and respective clans that we’re from,religion that we’ve adapted,principles that we stand firm off with,may bring us diversity and  may distinguish one island to another ,but still very much united as one, so as our cuisines which uses significantly unique seasoning and spices in every recipe, make us more unique as a country.

One example for this unique palatable cuisine is what clearly defines ” Cebu ” as one of the provinces of the Philippines.As to my previous blogs,I’ve discussed some other things already about this amazing island.However, when it comes to its food itself, I think it would still really require me much more of an expertise to really unfold its mysterious cooking style describe by its amazing presentation on our plates, seasonings and spices that indeed,very rare and so unique, you couldn’t help but to visit them by yourself since you may not be able to find them somewhere else.Lechon or roasted pig is one of the best offerings of the island , along with its hanging rice called ” puso”, that until now still amazes me everytime since I grew up in an island which is not really using this one since I am used to that usual steam rice everytime.And that ” siomai sa tisa ” which was adapted from the Chinese style cooking ” dumpling “, accompanied by the spicy garlic sauce and soysauce as a combination sider.

Such a good a meal choice over there.You won’t even meet the word ” diet ” for this.





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Mt View Nature Park: The quickest way to escape the city — true – blue cebuano


A Travel Tip from one of favorite bloggers.My friend, my inspiration and the one who introduced me to blogging, true-blue Cebuano.

When in Cebu don’t visit a popular recreation area within the city. Mt. View Nature Park.

Read the rest of it here.Enjoy !


Travel is an investment in yourself. | The Cultureu Just when you thought you need to go far for fun or just to have a quite holiday over the weekend in the Queen city of South , didn’t you or even for once. Cebu’s like a small one stop shop for everything a reveler is looking […]

via Mt View Nature Park: The quickest way to escape the city — true – blue cebuano

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CEBU, PHILIPPINES- the place for your next guitar ;-)

Music describes what words can’t

Cebu, Philippines. The what so called the ” Queen City of the South ” is the place I called my ” second home “.It is the place where you can have the taste of heave. Gorgeous beaches are everywhere starting from North to South that serves not only  a destination for both tourist but also for locals as well. The food ,I am pretty  sure you are thinking of ” lechon ” /(  roasted pig in English)  in your mind right now and you will crave for rice after.( laugh ).From the native ones, Cebu offers other cuisines too.Restaurants offering Mediterrenean, Korean, Indian, Japanese food are everywhere.They are so many, and there’s no reason of leaving, I guess.

The people, they are hospitable and accommodating enough for you not to resist but to learn, Visayan as your additional dialect.

Cebu offers various things that are simply uncountable.If I were to count them all, well, I couldn’t simply finish this blog I guess.

So, I think I better begin with those things that made Cebu not only a ” Queen ” among all Southern provinces, but also made it as a household name to the world.

And I chose guitar as an example.


THese picture I have right now with my friends way back 2010 shows how deeply we adore music.During this day,I could still remember that it was me who really urged these two to spend our weekend in Mactan and buy our very own guitar.

From Cebu CIty, we spend almost an hour trip towards Mactan Island.


( This photo is not mine.This was taken from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

It was traffic during that time, so the supposed to be 30 minute trip was doubled.We had our own hired vehicle also.We spent 15 php riding a boat from the port/pier in going to Mactan.Passengers are numerous since it was a weekend.Many tourists were present,and at the same time locals who were all enthusiast to have the grasp of the island. It was a smooth-sailing one, as the tides cooperated and we were thankful about that.

We ended up at the GUITAR MASTER SHOP. They are called one because, simply for the reason that they are one of the pioneers of guitar making in the island.Their guitars ranges from 700- 5000. Prices are negotiable. YOu can have “hangyo ” *haggle if you want.

For someone who is a lover of music, guitar master is a place for you.YOu will be welcomed by various designs of guitars that, only in the Philippines.And when I say , only in the Philippines, I mean ” unique “.YOu can’t find it anywhere else if you will be talking about quality, durability, style for example.

So, what are you waiting for ?

Choose your guitar.Choose Cebu.Choose Philippines.And let’s rock and roll !




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Bacolod, Philippines


It was such a great day. The countdown stopped, as we are now ready for our BACOLOD TRIP.

Something that we had planned for years, just kidding lang!To be honest, we almost failed, and cancelled this trip since we weren’t able to really check the schedule of the bus.

Me, on the other hand as the facilitator of this trip and knowing that I am the one who’s from Bacolod, was the one who’ve pushed through …

through the help of course of my 3 friends, namely Joel, Chelle and Ace.

After our shift, we went to our respective homes in order to take a rest.The trip for Bacolod will be 10pm, so we can still rest.

Empake time = checked !


Chimes : Yahoo ! Bacolod .. here we go !~

This photo was taken before the trip ! and I dont know what to say, nor to put as a caption on this, but I think I am still fresh-looking here.YOu think so?

You’ll say yes ,right ?

Unsure? well, one thing is for sure

that is , everybody’s excited !

Bacolod Trip 

From Cebu North Bus Terminal,we decided to take an aircon bus for Bacolod , 420php

Cebu – TOledo – 3 hours, arrived at TOLEDO PORT, 11:45 PM

A bit tiring, but the excitement is really there as we waited for the barge/ light ferry, 

190 php – ECONOMY

20 php – terminal fee 

12:00 – 3:00 am – We arrived at SAn Carlos Port.

For your reference, this is the schedule of trips ( NORTH BUS TERMINAL , CEBU ) 

3:00-6:00 AM – Towards Bacolod 

Touchdown ! Touchdown ! 

We say ” Maayong Aga Bacolod ” 

maayong aga – means good morning.

here we go, 

in total : 9 hours of trip ( + TRAFFIC) 

A bit tiring, but laag man daw so panindigan….

Now this is BACOLOD ! 

Northbus Terminal, Brgy.Bata, Bacolod City.

Arrival.After 8 hours of travel, all you gotta do is to look at each other and say ” kapoya pod oi ”  ( so tiring !).Yeah ! Yeah ! I’m so sorry guys, now you know how does it feels,huh?acting like a mean friend here actually.

 I am mean! 

This is the schedule for BACOLOD -CEBU TRIP

note : Prices change without prior notice.

After waiting for almost 1 hour, we’ve decided to go to the nearest downtown.7PHP is the fare for one jeepney ride !

We went to CHOWKING GATUSLAO, And had an early breakfast in there .

Then went to our accommodation Spot – ONG BUN PENSION HOUSE.

And we went to @BACOLOD CITY PLAZA then 

Then, went back again sa pension house para maka pahuway…

Rest,beauty rest activated.ssssshhhhhhzzzzzzz

I left my friends in the accomodation and went to our house to drop by and see my family.I want to say thank you for my incredible mom, who’s been so supportive for this trip.Thank you nanay Linda, for giving us the free food of our lives.


And in addition, my mom even accompany me to see my friends and at 2pm, we decided to leave the pension house and headed to our first -to-be destination- THE RUINS.

hala ! bira….

In High Spirits … ! 

Before going home, We can’t deny the smile of the great Day 1.And we are indeed ready for our Day 2.

And its time to go home na..

pauli na kmu mga morat,

@Talisay , Negros Occidental – such a beauty


Will you excuse me now, if I’m gonna speak in Ilonggo or di ?

As in Kanami gid ni ya na lugar ya.KA BREATH TAKING – DROP YOUR JAW GID!

Opps ! INDI Pwd kasaka, kay wala ka sakaan….

Ang mga PICTURE sang mga Tag iya ! ka bongga !

 Grabe man ba ! isa lang gid ya ang mahambal ko..nakakabilib ang ila paghimo sang mansion na ini!

Chess ta ?????

Pero English ko balik ah …

This is not only for the happy souls , but also for the lost ones…


And its time to go home now…..haizt , ka sad…..

DAY 2 : +CampuestohanHighland Talisay 

Thank you sa gwapa ko na nanay , naka barato kami sang amon na service.LoL, wala kami dala na 4 wheels pero for sure may ara gid 3..

and this is the story, 

Ti,Ok man ?

WOW ! pwd amo nalang ni amon panyapon ?

So indi pa ta magsulod day ?

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Road Trip With Team Shing be like…..

A short and I hope a meaningful introduction to everyone before we start…

BACOLOD- The City of Smiles. Ang SYUDAD sang Yuhum , if you will translate it to the local dialect of the Bacolodnons, or shall we say the locals of this land.Bacolod, is not only known for its rich history, way back to its rich Spanish era roots( which the richest Bacolodnons like Araneta, Gonzaga, Gatuslao , Luzuriaga heir came from and etc ) , smiley people who tagged themselves as ” malipayon na mga tinuga ”  ( happy people ) , na bisan ano ang problema,maka kadlaw lang dyapon ( Though no matter the circumstance/s is/ are, they can still manage to laugh, to its sweetest piyaya ( one of its well-known delicacies) , but also to its amazing places,that indeed, enriched and cultivated by its dramatic historical roots that was past on from one generation to another …

Join me as we discover Bacolod, my hometown. 

With my team of course, Team Shing….

May 13-16 

is the date.

Me and my team, also I can called ” friends ” agreed to have our teambuilding in Bacolod.As their teamleader, well…it is indeed an honor to be with them,not also as what they’ve said ” call of duty ” but also the fact that, to introduce to them my hometown, my root, where I came from, is indeed very memorable. It is a pleasure, especially when everyone shows their eagerness to travel and discover what really lies ahead the word, Bacolod itself .

So, we’re decided to pursue this blue print plans.

After our shift, we decided to have our trip, be the trip of a lifetime.Sounds enormous though, and it maybe such an ambiguous adjective,yet just by thinking that we will be there few hours from now made us excited.

But before anything else, we need to overcome this almost 9 hours of trip.

So this is the schedule 

photo credit : North Bus Terminal , Cebu City 

and so my teachers are looking forward for the best trip ever !

we had an almost 9 hours of trip from Cebu to Bacolod,

Sm to Cebu North Bus Terminal

expenses divided by 5

= 75 php for the taxi fare

= 10 pesos for the entrance fee of the taxi towards the terminal

= 390 bus fare To toledo ( aircon )

= 5 pesos for the terminal fee

= 180 for the ship



 and so my teachers are looking forward for the best trip ever !

” kapoy ang byahe actually ”

We arrived at the north bus terminal , Bata Bacolod City.

Not so dugay though, because since this is already an archive plan, my friends, my best of the best friends, volunteered to be our guide and at the same time our drivers for this trip.

with our Drivers..Dodot and Bernie…;-)

Bacolod Road trip , here we go !!!!!!!!!!!

Some one is excited already….

yehey ! Dugay pa ??????

Selfie , one more…

sya daw ang pinaka tisoy…ambot lang ayhan….

sa pihak na bahin…..

On our way to Campuestuhan Highland Resort, 

Guys, please ko handa sa inyo 150 for the entrance…..palihog ! 

Since this is multi -dialect trip, this is a must ILONGGO MODE TRIP.

So everyone was required to have ILONGGO MODE ACTIVATED.

Happy lang ko as a TL, i have good people with me…

Wala ko naghinulsol, at least.

May isa gid ka tawo dri na malipayon gid sa iya na gin ubra ah..haahahahaha

Tag na yan..tag na yan

Dali lang gid, amo ni ang resulta ?? 

Kapoy na day? Ti pauli na ta sa Cebu ?

Migo ko, daw aders aw…?

Dulom na….

Kaya pa? kaya pa ah…

Sus..nanu !

Mambukal Resort, Sum-ag Bacolod CIty.

San Sebastian Cathedral…

one of the oldest in the country,

Indeed a very memorable one…

BaCOLOD, indi ka gid na mon malimtan…

*Prices may change without prior notice….

Be informed. 

” Travelling can cost you for a while, but the memories- they can haunt you for a lifetime, if you will not spend it with people whom you will spend your lifetime …”

– From yours truly,,,,

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The Ruins, Talisay City Negros Occidental Philippines- A travel Untold

” There is no greater love than loving where you come from ……”

Ako isa ka maestra.Kag sa anum ka tuig na wala ko sa BACOLOD, pamatyagan ko …daw lain na gid ang lugar na akon gindak-an.Ang mga tawo, ang mga uso, ang mga tinedyer- daw kalayo na gid kompara sang akon henerasyon ah.Sa tyempo subong sang teknolohiya, indi ko pagpabay an na maupod ko lipat kapares kung imo delete ang isa ka file halin sa imo USB..kag sa akon pagbalik, isa lang gid ang akon nadiskubrehan.Mas dapat ko gale palanggaon ang lugar sang akon katawhan.Ang lugar kung diin ko nagdako. Kung diin ko ipinanganak.Ang lugar na kung diin una ko na naghandum.Kag kapares sang isa ka bata, bisan pa siguro ano ang matabo…maabot kag maabot gid ang tyempo na mapuli ka sa imo ginikanan.

Sa inyo balay, sa balay na ginaturing mo parte sang kabuhi mo. Ambal pa nila.. ” Home is where the heart is ..”

Kag ako , isa ka Ilongga, gina pakilala ko sa inyo ang akon banwa.

Ang Siyudad sang Yuhom.

– Bacolod City…

Part 1 :


Sorry, daw na feel ko gid abi ang moment.

under the heat of the sun ang peg ko di hu a….

Ilonggo MOde Activated .

Enjoy the heat of the sun , under the cool Bacolod Breeze ….So sad, I have to go back to work 2 days from now…

For your reference, you may check this out:

Indi gid pagkalimti ang ” pasalubong” , #Dropped by BOngbong’s Pasalubong Center for your piyaya cravings…

Wishing you a good BACOLOD TRIP everyone….;-)

Madamu gid na salamat sa inyo na pagbasa sa akon na blog….

From : yours truly,

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More than just a PLACE,in  fact it is  ” Home “.I love Cebu…”


Saturday! – yehey ! It’s an RD-RD day ! meaning NO WORK!-Meaning, I dont have to turn my alarm clock on, or no need to sleep earlier than the usual because I’ve got no work, papers, lessons to finish.Because Saturday be like sleeping, eating , movie marathon, going out with friends and just enjoying what they called the cheapest habit of all- that is being yourself “It’s ” ME TIME ” BABY ! 

NO need make-up. No need to wear high heels today.

Because today is the day, Which also means – UNLIMITED SLEEPING ALERT ON ! NOW.. as IN NOW !

But just when Saturday plans were already made, someone invited me and said ” Shing, let’s go to Oslob ” 

Honestly, when he invited me, I was going to say ” NO” , I think DELIKADESA wise, maybe

But Hell ! OSLOB .. and I think , there is no reason to say NO.

Instead I’ve said a big ” YES ” But dont get me wrong here. I was with my students. I am a teacher guys, although it may not be that obvious.
And I thought,saying yes could probably mean a regret after.

Since this is indeed a very , very nice invitation.!

So, Yahoo ! here we go…



location : South Bus terminal,Cebu 

time check : 4:00

If you are from Mactan International Airport, you will be having 30 mins to be here with regards traffic.Luckily, I woke up earlier..and so we met up earlier as we’ve agreed off with.
The bus, was not that occupied during this time.It took as 30 mins for our breakfast.Mcdonald! I say thank you to you for a very good fries.Fastfood is a very good option during this time.

This trip can cost us 3-4 hours of travel. Quite tiring though !But hell yeah , this is such an incredible ride.

And now , we are ready to go..

SSHHHH.. sleep ! sleep activated , 

See you later, Cebu CIty…

Oslob ! nyahahahha. I will soon meet my brother here !

The view of Oslob will surely captivate one’s heart.

May you be a tourist or a local, surely !

Before we dip..dip..dip,  So this is the lunch baby !

and Lunch time be like ! Still Mcdo mode here ..


This blue planet though ! ….

And thanks to this man.. its possible for us to have pictures to reminisce…

Indeed such a beautiful sight ! These pictures made me awaken that indeed , its more fun in the Philippines.

I couldn’t even be more prouder about this county, PILIPINAS KONG MAHAL !

Life on earth is indeed a blessing, and I think, no I dont think! Hehehhe. 

For me, Cebu is really blessed to have this place.Such a paradise, it is !

And I am indeed a proud Filipina!

/ a thankful teacher/ a trying hard blogger/

” It is the simple things in life that are extraordinary, but only the wise can see them..”


until next time….

cc: photo credits – Y.Tsuneyoshi

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There’s sunshine in the heart of me,My blood sings in the breeze;The mountains are a part of me,I’m fellow to the trees.~Robert W. Service (1874–1958), “A Rolling Stone,” 1912

Nature’s Finest !

This is how Cebu was, is describe by tourists who came in this beautiful city.Tagged as the Queen City of the South, Cebu possessed what it takes to be called as one.

In addition, Cebu is consist also of numerous tourist destinations that for sure, every vacationist , even locals themselves will definitely give them the time of their  of their lives.

One example of which, is what they call, THE MOUNTAIN VIEW NATURE’s PARK

When I first heard about this, I just couldn’t believe it actually.That there could be such a place.Well, I was not quite surprised though.Many people had good reviews regarding their Mountain View experiences.

And as the saying goes ” THere’s no harm in trying…”

So, I DID.

located in Busay,Cebu Philippines.. 

This establishment will surely give you if not the best, one of the best Panoramic view of the Queen City of the South..

Along with friends, I’ve decided to go here.The trip was good, it was windy during that time.The cool breeze suits me.With astonishment, I was able to have the perfect view of nature along with those curvy lines that this road has.Suspense.Thrilling.Exciting.Those are the feeling then.

Nature always gave us the best view ever, I sometimes blame my fellow human beings for destroying these blessings.I may include myself though, since no one is exempted.

Its a green, green grass of hope.

And as we go near to this site, the panoramic view of Cebu is about to be seen..

Surely, it was indeed pretty good…

This is very good for couples most especially if they want to have a romantic getaway..

Well , as for us…we only want a sweet, relaxing weekend escape..

And I guess, we’ve made a very good decision….

Although, I didn’t get the best angle, well .. i can consider that this is, a good view though …

And we welcome ourselves…

honestly , we were welcomed by the staff…

The experience was awesome…

This is the rate …..

For 12 person – 1200 php

For 5 person –   600 php

For 4 person – 400 php

For 2 person – 200 php

What to expect :

1. Camping Sites    -perfect for teambuildings ! 

                 2. Children’s Playground – for children to enjoy 

3. Swimming pools –  clean and comfy 

 4. Function halls – perfect for events like weddings , baptism etc…

Expectation …..

exceeds my REALITY …

And you really need a date by this time now,,,,,,

And it’s time to say goodbye, until next time then…

We always go back to nature .. We owe nature a lot..

Such a breathtaking view down there ….

Over looking CEBU….

We had ” pakyaw ” system for our transpo..

We paid 800 php for the 2 way..

Suggestion : It is better to have ” pakyaw system for savings sake.

note : riding habal habal ( single motorcycle can be impractical especially if you will go there by group)

” Nature always wears the colors of the

 spirit. “

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Until next time, Mountain View……

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Campuestuhan Highland Resort : Bacolod’s famous Theme park

Byaheng Bacolod Presents 
Campuestuhan Highland Resort 
“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.” 
Wow .. !My caption is indeed very captivating, or it’s just me who’ve realized?Don’t you think so?Well, this blog is not actually the caption itself only but also, for the most important one, and of course, that’s my title for today’s blog ;Campuestuhan Highland Resort .
When I first learn about this kind of ” kaladtuan ” – Hiligaynon term for ” destination”, I felt nostalgic of what I am supposed to do.Suddenly I realized that I am now urging my superiors to please, help me find a way to schedule my vacation leave,so that I could go home immediately.The next thing was, I found myself excited of what the next few days will become. To pack up  my things, go home and enjoy what this ” kaladtuan ‘ has to offer.I didn’t feel strange, nor I didn’t feel awkward of this,
Well, in fact, I am indeed proud.
As a Bacolodnon, which I am, I am overwhelm.Why? Because Bacolod is finally , finally had woken up to a what so-called -tourism.
And more or less, it could become a very competitive city if not yet today because of these place.
Well, without further adieu, let the adventure begin….
Owned by Ricardo ” Cano ” Tan,( which I’ve learned when I’ve asked the staff ) who was running as one of the councilors of the City during that time, this establishment offers every single thing a theme park could offer to its guest/s.Single or married, have kids , with friends,people from all walks of life, will surely enjoy this place.
  Located in Campuestohan, CabataganBacolod, Negros Occidental, Philippines this tagged as the DISNEYLAND OF THE PHILIPPINES, plays a major role in booming the BOOMING tourism of Bacolod, The City of Smiles.
The foggy environment and the best panoramic view, what else will you ask for ?The 150 php as the entrance fee is surely worth every centavo.

Me and my friends, as we approached the entrance of Campuestuhan.We couldn’t actually define how amazing it was.The Bacolod breeze is greatly soothing our senses.It was foggy and cold during those times.

Along side, you could see some rides that serves as a teaser to any visitors, both locals and tourists.

Also, a restaurant nearby called ” Cano Gwapo ” a local term which means ” Handsome American ” was there, ready to serve the hunger of  guests who happened to visit the place.In addition to that, this serves as a “memoir ” to the owner’s nickname since locals tagged him as “gwapo”, as ” handsome ” as the place he owns.

( Please never mind the

Within few steps away,lies even a more wonderful view.Come on, let’s explore….

Oh, a nearby swimming pool, so blue and clean.( Too bad, we didn’t bring extra clothes for swimming#regret )

There, we’ve met this scenario.Well, this well be our shelter for the rest of the day.Available for rentals at a very low price.For family gatherings,weddings etc.If in case weather won’t be that cooperative though.

Some parts are still under constructions during our visit.I really hope that when I come back here, I could already see this pin wheel. Amazing ! and I am actually excited about it.

Carousel, anyone ?

Please  dont miss this one.This is very good for teambuilding and group activities.Or, simply for conquering one’s fear and testing your patience,this will surely bring out the best and the worst in you.Goodluck !

nearby ….

And since, I personally love Marvels Characters, these are the ones I never missed.

Here’s Thor… with his own hammer of course…




WONDERWOMAN.. and, I won’t wonder anymore Why she has a body like this, which I dont have.I need to blame rice, I think.Damn you rice ! Damn you…hahaahha

This photo is not only special because it has MJ here but also, having this friend of mine as a photobomber.Boom !

I was quite afraid if Rhino could see me .. I was hiding anyway.. please don’t tell him I had a shot of him. Dont…dont…

The groufie as they’ve said….plus my friend’s fingers who happened to have a selfie on the other side.Go, girl !

I can still remember not eating dinner just to see him on T.V. Seeing him in person is a very good thing though !

Dragonballs ! yay….

And when you are a little bit girly, this one’s for you..

The angry Kingkong probably wants to tell us.. ” Stop it, too many selfies already ” hahah.. and these two, didn’t even hear.I’m wondering why…

I actually forgot who’s this …? please tell me..






And as the saying goes, ” When you got tired of the sun, go to the sea…”

So, its beach time baby …



How to go to :

If you are from Cebu,you need to have 8-9 hours of travel by bus and ship.A total of 1200 php for the fare ( This is already the max budget, although I can call it only an estimate).You will be directed to North or South Bus terminal.There,you may find drivers there negotiating for Campuestuhan ride. A “pakyaw ” system is very common.Riding by taxi is discourage and would be very impractical since the place is really far from the road proper.Estimated time of travel is 1-1 1/2 hour by PUJ.It is recommended that you need to have other people with you,a group for example so that you can pay by lower cost.Prices are negotiable,however.

*The more, the merrier.So, grab your peers now and make some noise !