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Stress Eating and how it affects me

If all else fails, ….E-A-T !



Well, we cannot deny the fact that no work could be that kinda stressful sometimes.Our passion, our dedication and our love for work are sometimes running out if we will be talking about ” stress ” A five-letter word, so short yet so hard to overcome.

I wrote this article because number one, it’s been a while since my last post. Second, this topic is already bothering me for some time, I wanna die at some point.Die happily eating maybe.Or shall I say, over eating.

Well, food is my stress reliever. I can’t deny that.And I won’t .To be honest, food is something, which I consider my ultimate friend when heartache arises.

Well, I want to stop the crap of being emo here.That’s why through this blog, I want you guys to know that this has been a problem to me nowadays, as I always see myself longing for food. And long again.And again.

Something that I want to overcome… but, unfortunately, still rockin’ here on my system.

I even dream about food all the time. I scheduled expenses about food.I read books about food.I always consider food when I eat out.I want to see food images all the time.I appreciate food instagram pictures all the time..

No wonder one day, I will marry to Food…

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Embracing Aging @28

Age is just a number.What matters more, most is you’ve been treating people while you are making your own existence worthwhile.How you inspire them, motivate them, and just be the kind of person you want to be.Without pretensions, without begging someone’s attention.Well, by just being yourself




Hello everyone. How are you today?I hope that everyone’s happy and alive and as well as, kicking ? maybe.

Happy Friday in advance and I am wishing that all of us may face this day with great smiles not only in our faces but also in our hearts.Recently, I celebrated my 28th Birthday.I am not supposed to say it because I was hesitant that I may appear that old enough.And as I was counting down the days as my birthday is fast approaching ( well, this happened last week though), I felt some emotional disturbances that almost struck every bit of my human body system.LOL.Such emotions told me that , ” Oops , oh my..I’m not indeed..anymore,getting any younger ” Hard to accept, but this is reality.Something that I’ve failed to imagine because I always been treating myself as a youngster.You know that kind of feeling when your friends start wearing dress and applying make-up but treated yourself like a ” tomboy ” still. And you won’t bother to tell yourself ” Oh, this and that.. is what I’m gonna do when I am … well, 28 ”

2 YEARS more! I’ll be facing another chapter of my life. Well, as they call ” midlife crisis “.What will I think when that time comes ? Maybe getting married ?But, I need to find a partner first.But why on earth I will do that? It’s hard to fathom, I am only thinking about food all the time.And blogging.And teaching.And my students.Furthermore, the physical changes of my body, is now visible to me. The wrinkles, the eyebags.. I need to do a back-up job about this one.Need some make-up tutorials maybe.Emotional confusions, they are running me over.But one thing’s for sure.I’d rather be single, as of the moment.I need to perfect my blogging first ( exaggerations ! )

Growing up.Aging ..are those things that bother a woman somehow that even disturbed my sleep.I want to grow up , as the best person as I envisioned about myself or even more than that.Aging, I’d rather have myself enjoying every moment that I have.

Well, last but not the least, ACCEPTANCE.Acceptance, accepting this reality, eventhough how hard it may seem that we come, passed this world and we aged.By experience,we gain more knowledge.And then, we became the better version of ourselves.

Thankful of this life.Grateful that I am still living while I am finishing this blog.Furthermore,happy to embrace this number-28.

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ICE GIANT, CEBU – experience GIGANTIC ICE CREAM ice cream is a good TUESDAY combination.



It’s been a while since my dear blogger friends.And somehow I miss seeing my pictures with my friends and I wish I could share them all here in my site.But, I need to take one step at a time since uploading all of them requires a lot of time and I’m afraid, it could be that consuming.It was such a very good realization to know that you miss people you’ve been with.The memories you had with them.. the escapades and all the adventures! Oh, how I reminisce every single moment.Those people you consider family.People who extended your network and changed your perpective towards a what so called ” bloodline”

Above all,the food we share.

It could somehow reminds me of, the laughter will always be there.And when you come to see yourself seeing being with people who matters to you the most, you will really value the saying that goes; ” the tans will fade, but memories..they last forever ”

Plates may become dirty.Friends will become noisy.Photos may become old.

Food may be consume.

Money will be out from our wallets.

But memories, they last forever.

Relationships matters more..


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( photo credit to the owner )


Being a foodie is what makes me a better person and loving food makes me a more normal human being.If I could go back to my science class, I could recall my teacher telling us in the class that ” food is the basic need of a human being ” Yes.You heard me right.It’s not ” love ” the way your romance novels will tell you, tell us.Unfortunately, I was a part of that flock, though so, still I could say, I need to include myself.( Laugh )

Food.So simple to say this four letter word but actually this is a very complex study.Far, far more even difficult than solving your algebraic expressions.And you’ll end up being a geek after you got the secret of it.It is because,when one decides to be a part of this ” foodie world “, you may see yourself mentally ” thinking ” about food.Food.When do eat? How long does it need for you to have your long-awaited lunchbreak. YOu’ll see yourself checking as you go to that food-to-go counter and you end up shouting out loud because your stomach is complaining already and you’ll say” Oh, come on shut’ll eat in a little while, dont you worry..”

Just like in loving food, cooking comes with it.It needs passion, dedication and commitment though.Every recipe can be modernized and renovated, as what they call it.YOu dont really need to follow the standard ones, well except if we’re talking already, the baking stuff.Hey ! Food itself is a very complex subject and it took me four years to study its nature. Even now, I am still being the ” Dora, the explorer ” when it comes to food.

I will tell you next time.. but as of this time, let me share to you , how being a foodie made me feel better ;

  1. Being a foodie, made me stress-free.


  1. More  food-pics on my SNS ACCOUNT …add me on, travelfoodandmetum
  2. My life becomes even more colorful, …I think so.img_2589
  3. Made me appreciate VEGETABLES….


  1. Smoothie, instead of soda.No to acid, as my motto


  1. Made me appreciate pizza, which I wasn’t before.


  1. I’ve got the chance to consider international palate



  1. Differentiate Filipino food among others, the similarites and the differences.Filipino taste is sweet..

@Jollibee Philippines.

  1. Seafood as not a boring game..
  1. Creativity matters. Whether it’s simple or not, whatever the situation is..hunger is overcome faster when the food appears artistically-made.


  1. It can make you understand your origin,especially your hometown’s way of cooking.


( Mang Inasal – Bacolod’s Inasal- Bacolod Philippines Best )


and so on………………….


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ドリーマー Dreamer

Traveler Me

Hi guysssss!

how have you been ?
I hope you guys are doing well. This week of mine is passing by quite faster than how I thought it would be, maybe because I am too busy with all the homework and stuff. It’s kind of hard to manage my sleeping time lately, things get messier when you’re too tired.

I’ve taken too much time thinking about what I should talk to you guys about this week. I want to share something nice which brings you guys good encouragement.

Even though It is very normal for people to have their favorite celebrities or singers, for me, I’ve never had one before I’ve come to know this man.

e4b0ceba09385edc7a77304ccd35cb27Takahiro Moriuchi (貴寛 森内), born April 17, 1988 (age 27), One Ok Rock Band (Singer)

One Ok Rock (stylized as ONE OK ROCK) is a popular Japanese rock band formed in 2005, composed of Taka, Toru, Ryota…

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It is when some one thinks of you ..more than you think of him/ her.

and Coffee is not an exception.

And actually, it is a major,primary thing.When someone gave up his or her coffee just for you to be awake, well..that love could be eternal.Something to treasure.Something that you should appreciate off with.

Hell yeah ! MOnday , though you’re making me sleepy, I felt loved today.

Something to last, I dont know when but I am happy as of the moment.

Live life to the fullest – Unknown.

Happy Monday to all of us, my dear bloggers!

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Taka ( 森田貴寛 Morita Takahiro )


The Bliss of Solitude

Biographi Taka- One Ok Rock Biographi Taka- One Ok Rock

Position: Vocalist
Blood type: A
Height: 5’3
Educational Background: Horikoshi High School
Collaborators: NEWS (2003)
                       Chivalry of Music (2004)
                       ONE OK ROCK (2007 – present)

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An Interview with Taka- ONE OK ROCK

Wow.. Taka I am indeed IN LOVE WITH YOU…;-)

The Bliss of Solitude

Taka took some time out from his busy recording schedule to chat a bit with JaME about the band, the changes they have undergone recently and their future.

An Interview with Taka from ONE OK ROCK An Interview with Taka from ONE OK ROCK

Popular rock band, ONE OK ROCK have bounced back after a somewhat tumultuous summer with a new lineup, a fantastic ZEPP tour last November and a new single, Kanzen Kankaku Dreamer released on February 3rd. JaME caught up with vocalist, TAKA over the Christmas period to talk about the changes and the new ONE OK ROCK.Could you introduce yourself, please?

Taka: I’m Taka, the vocalist of ONE OK ROCK.

Has your sound been affected now that you’re a four-member band?

Taka: Yes! (laughs)

Going from having two guitarists to just having one in Toru is quite a big change it seems. How did you manage it?

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Krispy Kreme ; the kreme of my krispy life ..<3

FRIDAY …is Krispy Kreme Day ! FLY…FLY ..FLY ..



There are so many things that I want to post here but of course, I need to think of a very good storyline.I want my readers to be really, be at least satisfied with my article.Pleasing other people could be that kinda stressful sometimes though.I am a newbie, so please forgive me, but dont worry I am learning by reading all of your blogs.Thanks to everyone for being an inspiration to me.I am slowly making my way to this blog blog thinggy.And I am grateful everyday.

Now, the long wait is over.And the energy is everywhere.People are all dress up and good to go.As I counting down the hours of my stay here at my desk.Well, few hours from now and I’m outta here.

This eight-hour shift/agony will be over soon.LoL.

And all I look forward to is nothing but, food.Where to eat? would be my  my next question.And the first answer I came up with is – doughnuts ! And this is what I’m craving for.

Food, is like love.You crave for it unexpectedly..

And sometimes, those unexpected events in our lives lead us to ” satisfaction ”

Krispy Kreme, thank you for making our lives krispy ( crispy ).I am indeed a fan of your doughnuts.Without you, Friday would never be the same again.

Like a rainbow, your doughnuts came with different colors and so I love them all. But those are just so sweet, I couldn’t even finish them in just one seating.Well, there could be another.Tomorrow.And another tomorrow.And the next day.Well, Monday please don’t come.. I dont want to go to work yet.

I will just have to let it rain and eat.Let it rain hard, so hard so that I could finish this one box of doughnuts right in front of me

Happy Friday to all….