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Mt View Nature Park: The quickest way to escape the city — true – blue cebuano


A Travel Tip from one of favorite bloggers.My friend, my inspiration and the one who introduced me to blogging, true-blue Cebuano.

When in Cebu don’t visit a popular recreation area within the city. Mt. View Nature Park.

Read the rest of it here.Enjoy !


Travel is an investment in yourself. | The Cultureu Just when you thought you need to go far for fun or just to have a quite holiday over the weekend in the Queen city of South , didn’t you or even for once. Cebu’s like a small one stop shop for everything a reveler is looking […]

via Mt View Nature Park: The quickest way to escape the city — true – blue cebuano

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Halo-Halo , the ultimate summer dessert of the Philippines


Philippines, a country having 7,107 islands characterized by a rich culture contributed by various cultures it occupied before.From Chinese old way of trade, to the Spanish influence when it comes to the language, religion, and architecture down to Japanese business strategies and commercialism , to the American’s who gave us early basic standard of education, to which we are indeed thankful for because for without them, we won’t be the ” melting pot of Asia “. We won’t find it easy to communicate with other people internationally, and we won’t look just like some other people would say to us. That we, Filipinos look like Japanese , Korean etc in some aspects.

Well, thank you for inter-cultural marriage, I was able to achieve my mix blood. That’s why some people will tell me ” YOu know what, you look like Chinese ..”

And to that , I will just smile.

And Philippines, is not only being defined as it is, the ” melting pot of Asia ” or its up to you to define my country.

Philippines have some other definitions too.And today, I want to focus to Philippines, as home of sweetest desserts.And because it could be that hot sometimes, and so by the way, we have two seasons here. We have the summer which starts January to June, and July – December as the rainy season.But to be honest, it could be that unpredictable for sometime since, even it is already December, it could be that hot. Well, compare to other countries, my country is just s0-s0 when it comes to weather ( so-so , as defined by foreigners , means ” average ” ).They told me that the” too hot ” weather here in the Philippines, as the way we defined it, is just an ordinary thing for them and it is not that too, hot.Well, at least.

And so, every summer is a special season for us. It’s a season to buy bikinis , trunks, and other summer wears. Beach lovers, water sports enthusiasts will be everywhere as well as shops sprouting like mushrooms selling those stuffs taking advantage of the season.

As to food, well , cold drinks are certain a must try.

And so, I want to introduce to you our well-known Philippines summer dessert, HALO-HALO, ( local name for a ” mixed ” fruit dessert ).

And to start with you will be needing the following;


  • ice grinder/ ice shaver
  • cups
  • spoon
  • knife
  • plate , bowls or any flat container
  • tall glass


  • Ice ( shave ice is what I mean here )
  • banana
  • mango
  • jackfruit
  • pinipig ( crisped rice )
  • nata de coco ( gelatin you can obtain from coconut )
  • ube ( purple yam )
  • kaong ( sweet palm fruit )
  •         corn
  • ice cream ( any flavor , optional toppings )
  • milk ( evaporated )
  • mongo (mung  beans )
  • cheese ( optional )
  • sugar ( preferably white )

*cookies ( optional toppings )

Procedure :

In  a tall glass, Combine all the fruits,and mixed it with ice.Stir using a spoon or fork.Add sugar to taste.Add cheese and ice cream as your toppings. YOu may add some cookies if you want.

Summer is indeed more fun here in the Philippines with this amazing dessert.

Enjoy !

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ROYAL KRUA THAI,SM CITY CEBU ; The taste of Thailand right in front of you…



“I’d sit around dreaming that the boys I saw at shows or at work – the boys with silver earrings and big boots – would tell me I was beautiful, take me home and feed me Thai food or omelets and undress me and make love to me all night with the palm trees whispering windsongs about a tortured gleaming city and the moonlight like flame melting our candle bodies.”
Author: Francesca Lia Block

Thailand- , officially called ” the Kingdom of Thailand “formerly known as Siam,is a country at the center of the Indochinese peninsula in Southeast Asia.It adapted the Constitutional Monarchy as its government, and is the world’s 51ST-largest country.

Its capital city is Bangkok and stands north of Myanmar and Laos, has the 27th largest by GDP and PPP( according to ) .

It considered manufacturing, tourism, agriculture to be the leading source of its economy.People from Thailand , called themselves ” Thai ” people.Thai means ” free “.And so describing its people, they are all free -spirited when it comes to doing what they want, to whateve things they are passionate about.

Thai cuisines blends five fundamental tastes in their kitchen;sweet, spicy, sour , bitter, salty.Their staple food is the rice, which in return the Philippines could really relate off with since here, we consider rice also as our main staple food.So, Thai people are also rice-eaters too.In fact, as a trivia – they are the world’s largest exporter of rice.Thai food includes  garlic, chillies, lime juice, lemon grass, palm sugar, and fish sauce  ( also known as “nam pla” ).

And so, after studying some history books about this country, it made me curious about what being in Thailand may feel like.Yes, you heard me right.Sometimes, all you gotta do is to be thankful,because your curiousity ables you to do things, which for you,nothing but” unexpected”.I have friends and students who happened to be Thai, and I’ve been asking some questions about Thailand, what’s this? ..What’s that..? the this and that, and so on.

Until one Friday night, me and my students, along with some co-teachers of mine decided to have a dinner. And as agreed, we went to one of the nearest mall from our office and decided to have, ROYAL KRUA THAI as our restaurant hop for that night.

Well, the ambience seems to arouse my appetite as my stomach shouted for hunger after the 30-minute traffic jam mess.

And it actually feels like, really in Thailand…


When the staff told us that we need to wait for 30 minutes as they cook our food, the blogger in me just came out and decided to take this oppurtunity to have my quick snaps of the resto.



I really hope, I am just looking fine here.. although, I can’t deny the fact that waiting time can be an agony.


What amazed me is the theme color of the restaurant.Brown for me is for formality.And I don’t think,I can apply it to myself.The table set up makes you crave more …for those food you’ve been waiting for, and continue to pray that it will arrive pretty soon.



And good to know that they have options for other country people. Since I am not using chopsticks, which is something that I am not used to, well ..I have to take this oppurtunity to use this pretty silverware.


And THAI FOOD in slides…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


It is better to bring a group with you, so that you can just go dutch, since some food could be a bit expensive.However, generally speaking, their food’s price is tolerable.

The brighter side of it;

  • Good food.
  • The staff are friendly and nice,since they are willing to entertain and attend to your needs if you have any
  • Good ambience, relaxing and cozy ( too much aircon )


The downside of it ;

  • No wifi connection, so asking the waiter for the password is not applicable.You can connect to the mall’s wifi instead but it could be a bit slow.


FOr more inquiries , visit ROYAL KRU THAI in SM CITY CEBU ( Juan Luna Avenue cor. Cabahug and Kaoshiung Streets, North Reclamation Area, Cebu Port Center, Cebu City ) and experience THAILAND right in front of you.


Until next time , Royal Krua Thai……

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BUCKET SHRIMPS, LAHUG CEBU- where shrimps and other seafood overflows.

It was a fine Sunday evening.After the usual mass attendance, we decided to find some places to eat.Well, we are done with the mall- mall thing, and so we( me and my friend) decided to have some restaurant hopping.To be honest, it was such a hard job since Sunday is a hectic schedule for some restos since Sunday is a what so call ” family day “.But as the old saying goes ” Dont give up ” is thus , applicable.




So, we dropped by Lahug.And our eyes, didn’t fail us though.

Shrimps ? ow..i love it.I think, it was already been 3 months since the last time I had seafood on my palate and I want to try it right now.And we ended up having BUCKET SHRIMP.

Located in Salinas Drive Lahug, Cebu City, this place is definitely the home of Shrimps.I was a bit curious of how big is the ” bucket “.I was hungry.We were hungry, so we immediately entered the place.


Uhm,not that bad….


And I took advantage of the waiting time for our orders .. for me to take some pictures…


They have disposable gloves.Well, good thing for them to savedetergent.Bad thing is, plastic is non-biodegradable.


We were waiting for the menu, but actually, it was just in front of us.Funny though, the wifi password was also written at the back of this bucket, but unfortunately…it their wifi is not working as of the moment.Too bad, no SNS for one night.URGH


We ordered…1 bucket of shrimp for 350 + BIG RICE , 100 php. Not too bad.


Bottomless Ice tea at 50 php.Unfortunately, sharing is not allowed. So, friendship is over in this matter.LoL


Boredom is not in here, as you are being serenaded by reggae music while eating.I’ve asked one staff if its reggae all the time, and he said “yes ”



Review : THe place is good, perfect for a casual date, for barkada bonding etc.

If you’ll be looking for ” patis “, or ” pinakurat “, they don’t offer sauce.

Wifi is not functioning, well hope that the next time I’ll come, it will function already.

Aircon is not functioning.A bit hot.It is open air, some point/

Good food , accommodating staff.


Special thanks to Angie , my friend for the photo credits.( Since I am having lowbattery during this time )


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Barikata,I.T PARK CEBU -bridging the gap towards your Japz Food hunger


Food is our common ground, a universal experience ….

” I don’t know how to use chopsticks, so I will not eat. “…

” I think, you too should go..I will go home instead.I can’t imagine myself eating a cup of rice, for 20 minutes because using the choptick is a struggle “.

Yeah…sounds familiar though.Something that I could even relate.Relate , 120 %.Well, shameful as it may seem but actually, those were my lines.

Yup..yup ..I was kinda hesitant before to even try to eat, Japanese food. Call me bias, but it was me then.Then, which means .. past tense, former.. meaning ..” past ”

And past is past. I’ve let go of that fear already.

Well, I need to learn.Its a must for me because as a teacher, it would be such a shame if my students will invite me one of these days and I dont even know how.Well, sorry students!teacher tried, but actually, it is still a failure…

Very difficult.. huhuhuh, well, this is my own experience, so I have to be at least very honest with myself. It’s ok, I don’t have to worry, there is another option.Call it ” spoon and fork.Yey ! ..hey, shall we have a party then ?

The most important thing is I was able to satisfy myself,overcome  my hunger and boom ! My stomach is smiling..

How about making yours too? Visit Barikata Ramen Bar  in IT PARK , CEBU. They are willing to serve you from 10 am to 10:30 pm.And transform your hunger into a what so called ” satisfaction ”

They are known for authentic Japanese cuisine, food having assorted flavors.Enjoy their food artisty right in front of your very eyes.That cutie-cutie food color then,

And don’t forget your smart phone. Grab it, and post that latest snap of yours on your SNS , or to your blog site..

Food gram ! woot..woot…

Together, let’s bridge the gap of our hunger when it comes to Japanese food.



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Brique Cebu; Where good friends, good company and good food meet.


Part of the secret success in life is to eat what you like

-Mark Twain


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

*photos not mine, ( c) credit to its owners

Pasta lover ?  probably you are craving for an Italian food right now,am I right ?.And if you consider bread as your staple rather than rice,well… I think all you gotta do is to think that these pictures of mine are real for a moment.Yey ! I might give you a hell of happiness, but say thank you to me because I’ve given you a bit of satisfaction.Actually, I am just kidding and if you excused me, let me finish this blog first before you judge me.

I am a foodie.I think, you don’t have to doubt about it because almost all of my blogs are all about food.Working 8 hours a day, plus a 1-2 hours overtime could be that stressful and that food, is my stress reliever.I should say thank you to all those people who keep on inspiring me to work, eat and have fun as well as the same time.

After work’s time, is meal time for me.At least not yet going home time.I think, that’s the benefit of being single means; you know when to go home – late at night?.

One friday night, me and my friends agreed to eat at Brique.It is located in Lahug,Cebu City specifically in 44th street, Salinas Drive , Lahug Cebu City.We’ve agreed to walk  because its just few blocks away from our workplace.That feeling of heat that sun brought, that thirsty feeling plus that regret feeling of forgetting your water bottle at the workplace makes you irritable at some point, and the feeling of hunger that makes you look forward for some cheesy feeling.Not the love aspect, but the feeling of satisfying your tummy few minutes from now.Indeed,those were my expectations.

And then, it became a reality.Brique didn’t disappoint me.Thus certainly made me promised myself for a come back someday.Probably, next payday.

This restaurant offers Italian and Asian Cuisine, opens from 10 am to 11 PM.Perfect for teambuildings, cozy dinner with a partner , friends, family and other love ones, birthday gatherings and other kinds of special events.Their offerings include beers, wine, bottle service.

Upon entering, you will be welcomed by their smiley and accomodating staffs all graceful, and willing to assist your every customer needs.The atmosphere is perfect if you want a more private, casual dining.

Also, if you are a blogger like me wanting for that snap, dont worry.You can count on their stable wifi connection.Unfortunately,some of my pics were corrupted so I can have only  limited post.

And last but not the least, it was the most memorable teambuilding ever with these wonderful people.

Good food.Good place.Good friends.What more could you ask for ?…






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Banana Cue- The most famous Philippines snack


” Shinggay, stop playing now.Snacks are ready…”

I could still recall this line as mom would call me from our neighbor’s house.This is the usual 3pm line.And is happening when after that long play, your mother will call you because of two things; either she is worried because you are already hungry or she will spank you because you never just the dishes or never respond to all of her instructions when you assigned you to do a particular household chore.And in my case,my mom could do both.YOu know that kind of feeling that of course, she will let you eat.However, she will tell you not to play overtime because you will, I will just end up adding another pile of dirty clothes for additional laundry for the coming weekend and she’s tired about it.

But, despite that, this means happiness though.Especially for my tummy, this means a pleasure.And when it comes to food, I tend to forget everything and I’ll be there  hurrying up, telling her ” Ok, wait a minute…I’m coming, ”

Mom prepared BANANA CUE.My favorite snack.And here in the Philippines, this is a common part of our diet.

Of our childhood.You will miss 1/2 of your childhood life without eating this one.

To cook this , you need to prepare the following ;

1 litter of oil ( for deep fry )

banana ( a lot is better )

sugar ( brown sugar is recommended )

instructions :

  1. Peeled off the bananas
  2. Prepare the deep frying pan.Once heated,pour oil on it.
  3. Once oil is heated, add peeled bananas.
  4. Add sugar
  5. Mix, stir until it caramelized.
  6. Serve.

another option could be :

1 litter of oil ( for deep fry )

banana ( a lot is better )

sugar ( brown sugar is recommended )

flour and egg


  1. Peeled off the bananas
  2. On the side, mix flour and egg
  3. add the banana on the mixture
  4. prepare the pan
  5. add the oil
  6. once heated, add the banana
  7. deep fry the banana
  8. once cook, you may dip it into white sugar
  9. serve


Enjoy …


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Pizza Republic,Cebu – where Pizza Party becomes extra gorgeous!!!

You can’t buy happiness.But you can buy pizza.And that’s exactly the same thing

True ! Definitely.Indeed the best quote for my today’s blog. Imagine these three mouth-watering pieces of joy right in front of your very eyes.



Pizza lover ?Well, in my case its a yes.Although, I could say that a slice, two or three could be just enough.And I’m already satisfied about it.If you will be sitting beside me on that one great table, I will be generous enough to give you other slices since my stomach is going to tell me that, it’s time to give up eating or else, we will be departing because you are still eating and I’m already in the toilet,vomiting.And definitely it sucks! right ?

I know, you are thinking the same thing.Well, good to know…

Pizza is happiness.I think so.Especially when you are just came out from work and got no place to go but to that nearby pizza parlor of your town.I definitely understand that feeling that when hunger strikes, you forgot what the word ” boyfriend ” means,.Well, this is a case to case basis though.Although, it may happen sometimes.LoL

I have a bigger stomach and a wider appetite, when it comes to food.And as a foodie, it could be unlimited.Yes, sky is the limit if the topic is food.When we love someone, we are giving them chances, something that could make them happy, right ?And now , my topic is already off base.Well, let’s go back on track.Let’s go back to this thing,called ” pizza “.

I love pizza.And I will always be thankful to whoever who invented or made this recipe, that wow! I am enjoying it right now with my favourite soda.And not to mention, I’m with my friends who happened to be pizza addict too.

Addict.Yes, because they can’t live a weekend without eating one.Yes.You’ve heard me right.Your listening skills is still pretty amazing!Yes, it is.They will be even go gaga if they can’t eat one.

So, the place name is PIZZA REPUBLIC located on the 2nd floor, Ayala Center Cebu.Its main branch is in Genco. Address: Salinas Drive (across Golden Cowrie) in Lahug, Cebu City.


-Pizza Republic Pick + Mix by Giuseppeimg_1913

Upon entering, you could see this scene.And it just made us excited to try our very own pizza mix.

img_1911Operating Hours: Daily from 11AM-10PM

Here , you could do the following;

  • You’ll have the chance to see your dough being prepared right in front of you.
  • note : each pizza is having  10″ ( size )


  • Choose you sauce, white or red. You can mix them also


  • Choose your cheeses.


  • Choose your meat
  • Choose your veggies


  • Choose your herbs
  • Pay 245php per pizza


Before you go, don’t forget to say Hawaiian…! ( that’s my favourite flavor )


img_1740Until next time.We will surely come back…



*photos not mine 😉

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BOHOL BEE FARM-when you want nothing but the BEST ORGANIC

I am not hungry. I am just bored.Therefore, I shall eat


Hell yeah, its a weekend again.What’s the weather today? Well, boredom.And the climate?,its still inconsistent.But still, I am hoping for a very good one.

Because, I have plans…

Well , not really plans.Its very simple I guess,you know ” What the girl wants ?” What real women wants thinggy.And, I hate to say this but it’s not true love that I am asking for.Instead, give me real food.And I am talking about those organic ones.

Working six days a week could be that stressful.Even worse, I could say its “demotivating”.I found myself asking for peace of mind, another vacation leave,or 3 weekends, well if possible but I know it won’t never, ever come true.

Food makes me happy and it continue,making me happy still.For me, what matters most is your stomach is full, then you have the love and support of your family blah..blah, is enough.Live it all at once.In relation to this, the environment matters also.Once you, me I find it tiring, I see myself counting down the days, and boom yeah ! ITS  FRI-FLYDAY ! Its an RD-RD day.Why I keep on repeating the same ideas all over again? I guess I am just bushing around the bush here.But dont ,worry guys.all I want is for you to experience what I’ve experience in Bohol.



If you are a fast food person, who always rely your lunch to those fast food resto, well you better try this, especially when you see yourself tired of the usual routine of yours.Why not try this  organic restaurant I’ve tried in Bohol?

Called the BOHOL BEE FARM, this caters foodies both locals and international personas.Never missed Bohol without dropping by in this one of a kind resto.

Change is good.Be organic.

For inquires, please check their website

Enjoy !