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ONE OK ROCK Headlines Magazine Interview Hong Kong

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Released:  February 20, 2016

中文- ENG translation by:  @jiashuais

2016 One Ok Talk!

Q: In your new album 35XXXV, the prelude is the theme song 35XXXV which is an instrumental arranged by Taka, and also serves as a welcoming punch for Take Me To The Top, what exactly motivated you to do it this way?

TAKA: I believe when we are watching a movie, at the start, a music would lead us along to the contents of the film, then the scenes would play out. I wrote this segment and Take Me To The Top as a complete set in sequence. I want to express how it is in an intro of a movie, I love watching movies, and this kind of intro has a great feel to it so I made it like that.

Q: In this album, you worked along with Colin Brittain, who also collaborated…

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Informative article !I can’t help but to share…credits to the owner/ blogger Rockin’On Japan 2014 Yamashita Toru Interview Part 1/3

日本 – 中文 translation by: minamiyoru 中文- ENG translation by:  @jiashuais NOTE: Some things might be lost in translation due to the differences of the languages. PLEASE take out with full credits. Tha…

Source: Rockin’On Japan 2014 Yamashita Toru Interview Part 1/3

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Stress Eating and how it affects me

If all else fails, ….E-A-T !



Well, we cannot deny the fact that no work could be that kinda stressful sometimes.Our passion, our dedication and our love for work are sometimes running out if we will be talking about ” stress ” A five-letter word, so short yet so hard to overcome.

I wrote this article because number one, it’s been a while since my last post. Second, this topic is already bothering me for some time, I wanna die at some point.Die happily eating maybe.Or shall I say, over eating.

Well, food is my stress reliever. I can’t deny that.And I won’t .To be honest, food is something, which I consider my ultimate friend when heartache arises.

Well, I want to stop the crap of being emo here.That’s why through this blog, I want you guys to know that this has been a problem to me nowadays, as I always see myself longing for food. And long again.And again.

Something that I want to overcome… but, unfortunately, still rockin’ here on my system.

I even dream about food all the time. I scheduled expenses about food.I read books about food.I always consider food when I eat out.I want to see food images all the time.I appreciate food instagram pictures all the time..

No wonder one day, I will marry to Food…

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WOW… This is a very good article! Worth the share..ONE OK ROCK @ Manchester Academy 2 ~ 7 December 2015

I think today was a big day for the Academy. There were shows going on in the main Academy, Academy 2 was ONE OK ROCK and Nothing More were in Academy 3. So when I got there it was so confusing. So…

Source: ONE OK ROCK @ Manchester Academy 2 ~ 7 December 2015

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Embracing Aging @28

Age is just a number.What matters more, most is you’ve been treating people while you are making your own existence worthwhile.How you inspire them, motivate them, and just be the kind of person you want to be.Without pretensions, without begging someone’s attention.Well, by just being yourself




Hello everyone. How are you today?I hope that everyone’s happy and alive and as well as, kicking ? maybe.

Happy Friday in advance and I am wishing that all of us may face this day with great smiles not only in our faces but also in our hearts.Recently, I celebrated my 28th Birthday.I am not supposed to say it because I was hesitant that I may appear that old enough.And as I was counting down the days as my birthday is fast approaching ( well, this happened last week though), I felt some emotional disturbances that almost struck every bit of my human body system.LOL.Such emotions told me that , ” Oops , oh my..I’m not indeed..anymore,getting any younger ” Hard to accept, but this is reality.Something that I’ve failed to imagine because I always been treating myself as a youngster.You know that kind of feeling when your friends start wearing dress and applying make-up but treated yourself like a ” tomboy ” still. And you won’t bother to tell yourself ” Oh, this and that.. is what I’m gonna do when I am … well, 28 ”

2 YEARS more! I’ll be facing another chapter of my life. Well, as they call ” midlife crisis “.What will I think when that time comes ? Maybe getting married ?But, I need to find a partner first.But why on earth I will do that? It’s hard to fathom, I am only thinking about food all the time.And blogging.And teaching.And my students.Furthermore, the physical changes of my body, is now visible to me. The wrinkles, the eyebags.. I need to do a back-up job about this one.Need some make-up tutorials maybe.Emotional confusions, they are running me over.But one thing’s for sure.I’d rather be single, as of the moment.I need to perfect my blogging first ( exaggerations ! )

Growing up.Aging ..are those things that bother a woman somehow that even disturbed my sleep.I want to grow up , as the best person as I envisioned about myself or even more than that.Aging, I’d rather have myself enjoying every moment that I have.

Well, last but not the least, ACCEPTANCE.Acceptance, accepting this reality, eventhough how hard it may seem that we come, passed this world and we aged.By experience,we gain more knowledge.And then, we became the better version of ourselves.

Thankful of this life.Grateful that I am still living while I am finishing this blog.Furthermore,happy to embrace this number-28.

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PatiPati May 2007 : Revealing ONE OK ROCK members’ Innermost Secrets

Thank you for this article !


Writer’s note :
Hello, it’s been a while (・∀・)ノ
Things happened makes me reduce my learning time, so it’s been a long time for not translating stuff, I missed it (>.<)
This time I decided to translate one of their old interview, don’t know if this part has been translated, though :p Thanks to shinigamitabris for the scan and great thanks to my beloved friend who has helped me with grammar. So here it is! ↓


When I invited them to talk with each other about each member’s “darkest secret”, isn’t everyone revealing too much? (laugh)

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I love this band so so much !


It’s been two years for ONE OK ROCK to release new album “35xxxv”. Four of them went to US for its production. Here’s the solo interview of Taka about the work which was made out of the environment where they spent all the days together!

2015/02/11 17:00

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Releasing day for ONE OK ROCK new album “35xxxv” on February 11 is coming near. On the next issue of Rockin’on Japan that’s going to be on sale this Friday, Taka on front cover special will reveal everything about this work. This issue will also include full, solo interview of himself.

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Tasty Tagging Tips! (3 min read) — The Millionaire’s Digest

Article Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Crecynthia R. Founder & Owner of: Falvor Me This Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Food Writer Hello fellow foodies! Are some of you having trouble increasing your blog’s traffic? Perhaps your blog’s Instagram isn’t getting as much love you’d like? While there can be multiple reasons behind this, consider taking a […]

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Cebu’s Lechon and Hanging Rice ” puso” + Siomai sa Tisa ; Cebu’s Trademark

I was once asked by a foreigner ,” What defines your country ? ” 
and without hesitation, I answered, ” Our food, aside from our rich history, defines Us “

and he smiled after.

– Shing


The Philippines.My country.The land of my birth, where I enjoy my every birthright.The place where I first learned how to dream and the place where I am planning to see myself having my last breath.A place that I am certainly proud of.

A country so beautiful, it even captured every foreign invaders hearts’ before. Tag as the ” Pearl of Orient “,my country has every single thing an international palate would wish to have.We have our what-so-called ” unique Filipina beauty “,that’s why my country the Philippines is always present in every beauty contest.We have also, a what-so-called ” Filipino hospitality”, usually felt by foreigners who are welcome warmly at the airport everytime they visit our country.We love to accommodate people and host them in every event such as birthday party, wedding and etc.If I could enumerate them all, well , I do really hope and wish I could, but I think, we need a whole day for it.So, as the 7,107 diverse islands separate by waterforms, by the dialects that we speak,traditions for every tribes and respective clans that we’re from,religion that we’ve adapted,principles that we stand firm off with,may bring us diversity and  may distinguish one island to another ,but still very much united as one, so as our cuisines which uses significantly unique seasoning and spices in every recipe, make us more unique as a country.

One example for this unique palatable cuisine is what clearly defines ” Cebu ” as one of the provinces of the Philippines.As to my previous blogs,I’ve discussed some other things already about this amazing island.However, when it comes to its food itself, I think it would still really require me much more of an expertise to really unfold its mysterious cooking style describe by its amazing presentation on our plates, seasonings and spices that indeed,very rare and so unique, you couldn’t help but to visit them by yourself since you may not be able to find them somewhere else.Lechon or roasted pig is one of the best offerings of the island , along with its hanging rice called ” puso”, that until now still amazes me everytime since I grew up in an island which is not really using this one since I am used to that usual steam rice everytime.And that ” siomai sa tisa ” which was adapted from the Chinese style cooking ” dumpling “, accompanied by the spicy garlic sauce and soysauce as a combination sider.

Such a good a meal choice over there.You won’t even meet the word ” diet ” for this.