ONE OK ROCK Headlines Magazine Interview Hong Kong

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Released:  February 20, 2016

中文- ENG translation by:  @jiashuais

2016 One Ok Talk!

Q: In your new album 35XXXV, the prelude is the theme song 35XXXV which is an instrumental arranged by Taka, and also serves as a welcoming punch for Take Me To The Top, what exactly motivated you to do it this way?

TAKA: I believe when we are watching a movie, at the start, a music would lead us along to the contents of the film, then the scenes would play out. I wrote this segment and Take Me To The Top as a complete set in sequence. I want to express how it is in an intro of a movie, I love watching movies, and this kind of intro has a great feel to it so I made it like that.

Q: In this album, you worked along with Colin Brittain, who also collaborated…

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