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ONE OK ROCK Headlines Magazine Interview Hong Kong

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Released:  February 20, 2016

中文- ENG translation by:  @jiashuais

2016 One Ok Talk!

Q: In your new album 35XXXV, the prelude is the theme song 35XXXV which is an instrumental arranged by Taka, and also serves as a welcoming punch for Take Me To The Top, what exactly motivated you to do it this way?

TAKA: I believe when we are watching a movie, at the start, a music would lead us along to the contents of the film, then the scenes would play out. I wrote this segment and Take Me To The Top as a complete set in sequence. I want to express how it is in an intro of a movie, I love watching movies, and this kind of intro has a great feel to it so I made it like that.

Q: In this album, you worked along with Colin Brittain, who also collaborated…

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Informative article !I can’t help but to share…credits to the owner/ blogger Rockin’On Japan 2014 Yamashita Toru Interview Part 1/3

日本 – 中文 translation by: minamiyoru 中文- ENG translation by:  @jiashuais NOTE: Some things might be lost in translation due to the differences of the languages. PLEASE take out with full credits. Tha…

Source: Rockin’On Japan 2014 Yamashita Toru Interview Part 1/3

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Stress Eating and how it affects me

If all else fails, ….E-A-T !



Well, we cannot deny the fact that no work could be that kinda stressful sometimes.Our passion, our dedication and our love for work are sometimes running out if we will be talking about ” stress ” A five-letter word, so short yet so hard to overcome.

I wrote this article because number one, it’s been a while since my last post. Second, this topic is already bothering me for some time, I wanna die at some point.Die happily eating maybe.Or shall I say, over eating.

Well, food is my stress reliever. I can’t deny that.And I won’t .To be honest, food is something, which I consider my ultimate friend when heartache arises.

Well, I want to stop the crap of being emo here.That’s why through this blog, I want you guys to know that this has been a problem to me nowadays, as I always see myself longing for food. And long again.And again.

Something that I want to overcome… but, unfortunately, still rockin’ here on my system.

I even dream about food all the time. I scheduled expenses about food.I read books about food.I always consider food when I eat out.I want to see food images all the time.I appreciate food instagram pictures all the time..

No wonder one day, I will marry to Food…