Embracing Aging @28

Age is just a number.What matters more, most is that..how you’ve been treating people while you are making your own existence worthwhile.How you inspire them, motivate them, and just be the kind of person you want to be.Without pretensions, without begging someone’s attention.Well, by just being yourself




Hello everyone. How are you today?I hope that everyone’s happy and alive and as well as, kicking ? maybe.

Happy Friday in advance and I am wishing that all of us may face this day with great smiles not only in our faces but also in our hearts.Recently, I celebrated my 28th Birthday.I am not supposed to say it because I was hesitant that I may appear that old enough.And as I was counting down the days as my birthday is fast approaching ( well, this happened last week though), I felt some emotional disturbances that almost struck every bit of my human body system.LOL.Such emotions told me that , ” Oops , oh my..I’m not indeed..anymore,getting any younger ” Hard to accept, but this is reality.Something that I’ve failed to imagine because I always been treating myself as a youngster.You know that kind of feeling when your friends start wearing dress and applying make-up but treated yourself like a ” tomboy ” still. And you won’t bother to tell yourself ” Oh, this and that.. is what I’m gonna do when I am … well, 28 ”

2 YEARS more! I’ll be facing another chapter of my life. Well, as they call ” midlife crisis “.What will I think when that time comes ? Maybe getting married ?But, I need to find a partner first.But why on earth I will do that? It’s hard to fathom, I am only thinking about food all the time.And blogging.And teaching.And my students.Furthermore, the physical changes of my body, is now visible to me. The wrinkles, the eyebags.. I need to do a back-up job about this one.Need some make-up tutorials maybe.Emotional confusions, they are running me over.But one thing’s for sure.I’d rather be single, as of the moment.I need to perfect my blogging first ( exaggerations ! )

Growing up.Aging ..are those things that bother a woman somehow that even disturbed my sleep.I want to grow up , as the best person as I envisioned about myself or even more than that.Aging, I’d rather have myself enjoying every moment that I have.

Well, last but not the least, ACCEPTANCE.Acceptance, accepting this reality, eventhough how hard it may seem that we come, passed this world and we aged.By experience,we gain more knowledge.And then, we became the better version of ourselves.

Thankful of this life.Grateful that I am still living while I am finishing this blog.Furthermore,happy to embrace this number-28.


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