Cebu’s Lechon and Hanging Rice ” puso” + Siomai sa Tisa ; Cebu’s Trademark

I was once asked by a foreigner ,” What defines your country ? ” 
and without hesitation, I answered, ” Our food, aside from our rich history, defines Us “

and he smiled after.

– Shing


The Philippines.My country.The land of my birth, where I enjoy my every birthright.The place where I first learned how to dream and the place where I am planning to see myself having my last breath.A place that I am certainly proud of.

A country so beautiful, it even captured every foreign invaders hearts’ before. Tag as the ” Pearl of Orient “,my country has every single thing an international palate would wish to have.We have our what-so-called ” unique Filipina beauty “,that’s why my country the Philippines is always present in every beauty contest.We have also, a what-so-called ” Filipino hospitality”, usually felt by foreigners who are welcome warmly at the airport everytime they visit our country.We love to accommodate people and host them in every event such as birthday party, wedding and etc.If I could enumerate them all, well , I do really hope and wish I could, but I think, we need a whole day for it.So, as the 7,107 diverse islands separate by waterforms, by the dialects that we speak,traditions for every tribes and respective clans that we’re from,religion that we’ve adapted,principles that we stand firm off with,may bring us diversity and  may distinguish one island to another ,but still very much united as one, so as our cuisines which uses significantly unique seasoning and spices in every recipe, make us more unique as a country.

One example for this unique palatable cuisine is what clearly defines ” Cebu ” as one of the provinces of the Philippines.As to my previous blogs,I’ve discussed some other things already about this amazing island.However, when it comes to its food itself, I think it would still really require me much more of an expertise to really unfold its mysterious cooking style describe by its amazing presentation on our plates, seasonings and spices that indeed,very rare and so unique, you couldn’t help but to visit them by yourself since you may not be able to find them somewhere else.Lechon or roasted pig is one of the best offerings of the island , along with its hanging rice called ” puso”, that until now still amazes me everytime since I grew up in an island which is not really using this one since I am used to that usual steam rice everytime.And that ” siomai sa tisa ” which was adapted from the Chinese style cooking ” dumpling “, accompanied by the spicy garlic sauce and soysauce as a combination sider.

Such a good a meal choice over there.You won’t even meet the word ” diet ” for this.






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