ICE GIANT, CEBU – experience GIGANTIC ICE CREAM ice cream is a good TUESDAY combination.



It’s been a while since my dear blogger friends.And somehow I miss seeing my pictures with my friends and I wish I could share them all here in my site.But, I need to take one step at a time since uploading all of them requires a lot of time and I’m afraid, it could be that consuming.It was such a very good realization to know that you miss people you’ve been with.The memories you had with them.. the escapades and all the adventures! Oh, how I reminisce every single moment.Those people you consider family.People who extended your network and changed your perpective towards a what so called ” bloodline”

Above all,the food we share.

It could somehow reminds me of, the laughter will always be there.And when you come to see yourself seeing being with people who matters to you the most, you will really value the saying that goes; ” the tans will fade, but memories..they last forever ”

Plates may become dirty.Friends will become noisy.Photos may become old.

Food may be consume.

Money will be out from our wallets.

But memories, they last forever.

Relationships matters more..



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