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Thursday’s Craving- Mango FLoat


Food is my stress-reliever.


This boring, but busy weekend is about to end.I am just wondering what to do.Yeah! I still have a lot to do, and mind you..I am not even halfway done.To think that some deadlines for a bunch of reports is fast approaching,I found myself exhausted.I am indeed, stress-out.I want to try another perspective.Maybe a what so call ” space between a Sunday and a Monday ”

And they call it ” VACATION LEAVE..”

Hey ,this is my shoutout to our HR MANAGER, can you hear my prayers ? let me consume my vacation now. And, don’t worry, I am just exaggerating here.Actually, I’ve already consumed all of my vacation leaves and I want to crave for more.Asking for more, dont stop ask for more..( Pepsi Commercial is on the radio now ) .

I like to eat something sweet today.Where ? Maybe, a place that I could enjoy a sumptuous dessert is a good answer.

Thus, my random thoughts for today.


When hunger strikes, be selfish enough to save your own rice.

eat your own dessert …

and savor every bit of your choosen beverage

That’s life. Unfair.Sometimes you’re hungry, sometimes.. you are just a plate-animal

And this is something that I am really feeling right now. I need to overcome this, I know! But sometimes, it just butt in.

Thus, I need to eat this.And here in the Philippines, we call this Mango FLoat.From my previous blog, there I’ve told you how to make one.And as far as I could remember!

And following your heart is indeed the best choice ever..!`



I am a teacher who loves to travel during my free time, a food lover,yoga and sport enthusiast.I love writing.And I consider blogging as my gateway to improve my writing skills.

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