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Being a foodie is what makes me a better person and loving food makes me a more normal human being.If I could go back to my science class, I could recall my teacher telling us in the class that ” food is the basic need of a human being ” Yes.You heard me right.It’s not ” love ” the way your romance novels will tell you, tell us.Unfortunately, I was a part of that flock, though so, still I could say, I need to include myself.( Laugh )

Food.So simple to say this four letter word but actually this is a very complex study.Far, far more even difficult than solving your algebraic expressions.And you’ll end up being a geek after you got the secret of it.It is because,when one decides to be a part of this ” foodie world “, you may see yourself mentally ” thinking ” about food.Food.When do eat? How long does it need for you to have your long-awaited lunchbreak. YOu’ll see yourself checking as you go to that food-to-go counter and you end up shouting out loud because your stomach is complaining already and you’ll say” Oh, come on shut’ll eat in a little while, dont you worry..”

Just like in loving food, cooking comes with it.It needs passion, dedication and commitment though.Every recipe can be modernized and renovated, as what they call it.YOu dont really need to follow the standard ones, well except if we’re talking already, the baking stuff.Hey ! Food itself is a very complex subject and it took me four years to study its nature. Even now, I am still being the ” Dora, the explorer ” when it comes to food.

I will tell you next time.. but as of this time, let me share to you , how being a foodie made me feel better ;

  1. Being a foodie, made me stress-free.


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  2. My life becomes even more colorful, …I think so.img_2589
  3. Made me appreciate VEGETABLES….


  1. Smoothie, instead of soda.No to acid, as my motto


  1. Made me appreciate pizza, which I wasn’t before.


  1. I’ve got the chance to consider international palate



  1. Differentiate Filipino food among others, the similarites and the differences.Filipino taste is sweet..

@Jollibee Philippines.

  1. Seafood as not a boring game..
  1. Creativity matters. Whether it’s simple or not, whatever the situation is..hunger is overcome faster when the food appears artistically-made.


  1. It can make you understand your origin,especially your hometown’s way of cooking.


( Mang Inasal – Bacolod’s Inasal- Bacolod Philippines Best )


and so on………………….




  1. Love it.. haha travel food and culture is a huge huge huge passion of mine as well. After seeing Italy, Singapore, Australia, Thailand, and Malaysia… it has been quite the journey to say the least!! It has been incredible to try different foods, discerning differences, comparing and contrasting, making mental notes and food logs along the way. Developing and training ones palate for international cuisine can be a challenging experience but oh so growing. I have definitely enjoyed my time along this endless food and culture travel life!!

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