Krispy Kreme ; the kreme of my krispy life ..<3

FRIDAY …is Krispy Kreme Day ! FLY…FLY ..FLY ..



There are so many things that I want to post here but of course, I need to think of a very good storyline.I want my readers to be really, be at least satisfied with my article.Pleasing other people could be that kinda stressful sometimes though.I am a newbie, so please forgive me, but dont worry I am learning by reading all of your blogs.Thanks to everyone for being an inspiration to me.I am slowly making my way to this blog blog thinggy.And I am grateful everyday.

Now, the long wait is over.And the energy is everywhere.People are all dress up and good to go.As I counting down the hours of my stay here at my desk.Well, few hours from now and I’m outta here.

This eight-hour shift/agony will be over soon.LoL.

And all I look forward to is nothing but, food.Where to eat? would be my  my next question.And the first answer I came up with is – doughnuts ! And this is what I’m craving for.

Food, is like love.You crave for it unexpectedly..

And sometimes, those unexpected events in our lives lead us to ” satisfaction ”

Krispy Kreme, thank you for making our lives krispy ( crispy ).I am indeed a fan of your doughnuts.Without you, Friday would never be the same again.

Like a rainbow, your doughnuts came with different colors and so I love them all. But those are just so sweet, I couldn’t even finish them in just one seating.Well, there could be another.Tomorrow.And another tomorrow.And the next day.Well, Monday please don’t come.. I dont want to go to work yet.

I will just have to let it rain and eat.Let it rain hard, so hard so that I could finish this one box of doughnuts right in front of me

Happy Friday to all….


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