Halo-Halo , the ultimate summer dessert of the Philippines


Philippines, a country having 7,107 islands characterized by a rich culture contributed by various cultures it occupied before.From Chinese old way of trade, to the Spanish influence when it comes to the language, religion, and architecture down to Japanese business strategies and commercialism , to the American’s who gave us early basic standard of education, to which we are indeed thankful for because for without them, we won’t be the ” melting pot of Asia “. We won’t find it easy to communicate with other people internationally, and we won’t look just like some other people would say to us. That we, Filipinos look like Japanese , Korean etc in some aspects.

Well, thank you for inter-cultural marriage, I was able to achieve my mix blood. That’s why some people will tell me ” YOu know what, you look like Chinese ..”

And to that , I will just smile.

And Philippines, is not only being defined as it is, the ” melting pot of Asia ” or its up to you to define my country.

Philippines have some other definitions too.And today, I want to focus to Philippines, as home of sweetest desserts.And because it could be that hot sometimes, and so by the way, we have two seasons here. We have the summer which starts January to June, and July – December as the rainy season.But to be honest, it could be that unpredictable for sometime since, even it is already December, it could be that hot. Well, compare to other countries, my country is just s0-s0 when it comes to weather ( so-so , as defined by foreigners , means ” average ” ).They told me that the” too hot ” weather here in the Philippines, as the way we defined it, is just an ordinary thing for them and it is not that too, hot.Well, at least.

And so, every summer is a special season for us. It’s a season to buy bikinis , trunks, and other summer wears. Beach lovers, water sports enthusiasts will be everywhere as well as shops sprouting like mushrooms selling those stuffs taking advantage of the season.

As to food, well , cold drinks are certain a must try.

And so, I want to introduce to you our well-known Philippines summer dessert, HALO-HALO, ( local name for a ” mixed ” fruit dessert ).

And to start with you will be needing the following;


  • ice grinder/ ice shaver
  • cups
  • spoon
  • knife
  • plate , bowls or any flat container
  • tall glass


  • Ice ( shave ice is what I mean here )
  • banana
  • mango
  • jackfruit
  • pinipig ( crisped rice )
  • nata de coco ( gelatin you can obtain from coconut )
  • ube ( purple yam )
  • kaong ( sweet palm fruit )
  •         corn
  • ice cream ( any flavor , optional toppings )
  • milk ( evaporated )
  • mongo (mung  beans )
  • cheese ( optional )
  • sugar ( preferably white )

*cookies ( optional toppings )

Procedure :

In  a tall glass, Combine all the fruits,and mixed it with ice.Stir using a spoon or fork.Add sugar to taste.Add cheese and ice cream as your toppings. YOu may add some cookies if you want.

Summer is indeed more fun here in the Philippines with this amazing dessert.

Enjoy !


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