ROYAL KRUA THAI,SM CITY CEBU ; The taste of Thailand right in front of you…



“I’d sit around dreaming that the boys I saw at shows or at work – the boys with silver earrings and big boots – would tell me I was beautiful, take me home and feed me Thai food or omelets and undress me and make love to me all night with the palm trees whispering windsongs about a tortured gleaming city and the moonlight like flame melting our candle bodies.”
Author: Francesca Lia Block

Thailand- , officially called ” the Kingdom of Thailand “formerly known as Siam,is a country at the center of the Indochinese peninsula in Southeast Asia.It adapted the Constitutional Monarchy as its government, and is the world’s 51ST-largest country.

Its capital city is Bangkok and stands north of Myanmar and Laos, has the 27th largest by GDP and PPP( according to ) .

It considered manufacturing, tourism, agriculture to be the leading source of its economy.People from Thailand , called themselves ” Thai ” people.Thai means ” free “.And so describing its people, they are all free -spirited when it comes to doing what they want, to whateve things they are passionate about.

Thai cuisines blends five fundamental tastes in their kitchen;sweet, spicy, sour , bitter, salty.Their staple food is the rice, which in return the Philippines could really relate off with since here, we consider rice also as our main staple food.So, Thai people are also rice-eaters too.In fact, as a trivia – they are the world’s largest exporter of rice.Thai food includes  garlic, chillies, lime juice, lemon grass, palm sugar, and fish sauce  ( also known as “nam pla” ).

And so, after studying some history books about this country, it made me curious about what being in Thailand may feel like.Yes, you heard me right.Sometimes, all you gotta do is to be thankful,because your curiousity ables you to do things, which for you,nothing but” unexpected”.I have friends and students who happened to be Thai, and I’ve been asking some questions about Thailand, what’s this? ..What’s that..? the this and that, and so on.

Until one Friday night, me and my students, along with some co-teachers of mine decided to have a dinner. And as agreed, we went to one of the nearest mall from our office and decided to have, ROYAL KRUA THAI as our restaurant hop for that night.

Well, the ambience seems to arouse my appetite as my stomach shouted for hunger after the 30-minute traffic jam mess.

And it actually feels like, really in Thailand…


When the staff told us that we need to wait for 30 minutes as they cook our food, the blogger in me just came out and decided to take this oppurtunity to have my quick snaps of the resto.



I really hope, I am just looking fine here.. although, I can’t deny the fact that waiting time can be an agony.


What amazed me is the theme color of the restaurant.Brown for me is for formality.And I don’t think,I can apply it to myself.The table set up makes you crave more …for those food you’ve been waiting for, and continue to pray that it will arrive pretty soon.



And good to know that they have options for other country people. Since I am not using chopsticks, which is something that I am not used to, well ..I have to take this oppurtunity to use this pretty silverware.


And THAI FOOD in slides…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


It is better to bring a group with you, so that you can just go dutch, since some food could be a bit expensive.However, generally speaking, their food’s price is tolerable.

The brighter side of it;

  • Good food.
  • The staff are friendly and nice,since they are willing to entertain and attend to your needs if you have any
  • Good ambience, relaxing and cozy ( too much aircon )


The downside of it ;

  • No wifi connection, so asking the waiter for the password is not applicable.You can connect to the mall’s wifi instead but it could be a bit slow.


FOr more inquiries , visit ROYAL KRU THAI in SM CITY CEBU ( Juan Luna Avenue cor. Cabahug and Kaoshiung Streets, North Reclamation Area, Cebu Port Center, Cebu City ) and experience THAILAND right in front of you.


Until next time , Royal Krua Thai……


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