BUCKET SHRIMPS, LAHUG CEBU- where shrimps and other seafood overflows.

It was a fine Sunday evening.After the usual mass attendance, we decided to find some places to eat.Well, we are done with the mall- mall thing, and so we( me and my friend) decided to have some restaurant hopping.To be honest, it was such a hard job since Sunday is a hectic schedule for some restos since Sunday is a what so call ” family day “.But as the old saying goes ” Dont give up ” is thus , applicable.




So, we dropped by Lahug.And our eyes, didn’t fail us though.

Shrimps ? ow..i love it.I think, it was already been 3 months since the last time I had seafood on my palate and I want to try it right now.And we ended up having BUCKET SHRIMP.

Located in Salinas Drive Lahug, Cebu City, this place is definitely the home of Shrimps.I was a bit curious of how big is the ” bucket “.I was hungry.We were hungry, so we immediately entered the place.


Uhm,not that bad….


And I took advantage of the waiting time for our orders .. for me to take some pictures…


They have disposable gloves.Well, good thing for them to savedetergent.Bad thing is, plastic is non-biodegradable.


We were waiting for the menu, but actually, it was just in front of us.Funny though, the wifi password was also written at the back of this bucket, but unfortunately…it their wifi is not working as of the moment.Too bad, no SNS for one night.URGH


We ordered…1 bucket of shrimp for 350 + BIG RICE , 100 php. Not too bad.


Bottomless Ice tea at 50 php.Unfortunately, sharing is not allowed. So, friendship is over in this matter.LoL


Boredom is not in here, as you are being serenaded by reggae music while eating.I’ve asked one staff if its reggae all the time, and he said “yes ”



Review : THe place is good, perfect for a casual date, for barkada bonding etc.

If you’ll be looking for ” patis “, or ” pinakurat “, they don’t offer sauce.

Wifi is not functioning, well hope that the next time I’ll come, it will function already.

Aircon is not functioning.A bit hot.It is open air,however..at some point/

Good food , accommodating staff.


Special thanks to Angie , my friend for the photo credits.( Since I am having lowbattery during this time )



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