Barikata,I.T PARK CEBU -bridging the gap towards your Japz Food hunger


Food is our common ground, a universal experience ….

” I don’t know how to use chopsticks, so I will not eat. “…

” I think, you too should go..I will go home instead.I can’t imagine myself eating a cup of rice, for 20 minutes because using the choptick is a struggle “.

Yeah…sounds familiar though.Something that I could even relate.Relate , 120 %.Well, shameful as it may seem but actually, those were my lines.

Yup..yup ..I was kinda hesitant before to even try to eat, Japanese food. Call me bias, but it was me then.Then, which means .. past tense, former.. meaning ..” past ”

And past is past. I’ve let go of that fear already.

Well, I need to learn.Its a must for me because as a teacher, it would be such a shame if my students will invite me one of these days and I dont even know how.Well, sorry students!teacher tried, but actually, it is still a failure…

Very difficult.. huhuhuh, well, this is my own experience, so I have to be at least very honest with myself. It’s ok, I don’t have to worry, there is another option.Call it ” spoon and fork.Yey ! ..hey, shall we have a party then ?

The most important thing is I was able to satisfy myself,overcome  my hunger and boom ! My stomach is smiling..

How about making yours too? Visit Barikata Ramen Bar  in IT PARK , CEBU. They are willing to serve you from 10 am to 10:30 pm.And transform your hunger into a what so called ” satisfaction ”

They are known for authentic Japanese cuisine, food having assorted flavors.Enjoy their food artisty right in front of your very eyes.That cutie-cutie food color then,

And don’t forget your smart phone. Grab it, and post that latest snap of yours on your SNS , or to your blog site..

Food gram ! woot..woot…

Together, let’s bridge the gap of our hunger when it comes to Japanese food.




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