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Banana Cue- The most famous Philippines snack


” Shinggay, stop playing now.Snacks are ready…”

I could still recall this line as mom would call me from our neighbor’s house.This is the usual 3pm line.And is happening when after that long play, your mother will call you because of two things; either she is worried because you are already hungry or she will spank you because you never just the dishes or never respond to all of her instructions when you assigned you to do a particular household chore.And in my case,my mom could do both.YOu know that kind of feeling that of course, she will let you eat.However, she will tell you not to play overtime because you will, I will just end up adding another pile of dirty clothes for additional laundry for the coming weekend and she’s tired about it.

But, despite that, this means happiness though.Especially for my tummy, this means a pleasure.And when it comes to food, I tend to forget everything and I’ll be there  hurrying up, telling her ” Ok, wait a minute…I’m coming, ”

Mom prepared BANANA CUE.My favorite snack.And here in the Philippines, this is a common part of our diet.

Of our childhood.You will miss 1/2 of your childhood life without eating this one.

To cook this , you need to prepare the following ;

1 litter of oil ( for deep fry )

banana ( a lot is better )

sugar ( brown sugar is recommended )

instructions :

  1. Peeled off the bananas
  2. Prepare the deep frying pan.Once heated,pour oil on it.
  3. Once oil is heated, add peeled bananas.
  4. Add sugar
  5. Mix, stir until it caramelized.
  6. Serve.

another option could be :

1 litter of oil ( for deep fry )

banana ( a lot is better )

sugar ( brown sugar is recommended )

flour and egg


  1. Peeled off the bananas
  2. On the side, mix flour and egg
  3. add the banana on the mixture
  4. prepare the pan
  5. add the oil
  6. once heated, add the banana
  7. deep fry the banana
  8. once cook, you may dip it into white sugar
  9. serve


Enjoy …




I am a teacher who loves to travel during my free time, a food lover,yoga and sport enthusiast.I love writing.And I consider blogging as my gateway to improve my writing skills.

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