10 REASONS Why Loving Japanese Boyband could make you a better person.

One Ok Rock is a Japanese rock band composed of Toru,Taka, Ryota, and Tomoya  (C) credits to owner.


Japan, the what so called ” the land of the rising sun ” , also called ” Nihon “which is pronounced Nippon or Nihon.It  is an island country in East Asia, consisting of 47 prefectures in eight regions.It is according to wikipedia.com, a stratovolcanic archipelago of 6,852 islands.Its capital city is Tokyo.The population of 126 million people makes the world’s tenth largest.The fourth leading city in the world, Japan continues to conquer the world being the world’s largest metropolitan area with over 40 million residents and is the world’s largest urban agglomeration economy.

In addition, Japan had emerged its existence to the world from being a feudal state to a modern one, molded with advance technology advancement. Not just by giving great contribution to our world history books, Japan continue to prove that its rich culture is indeed worthy to be one of those  household names we have to talk about.

At present time, modern Japan dominates the world.Well, if not number 1 , I could say they are one of the greatest.As my friends would tell me, living in Japan could be that expensive and it would mean that I need to have a yearly hard work just to be there.LOL.

Furthermore, Japan’s pop culture is present almost everywhere.As obvious at is it is, Japanese culture indeed is having a great visibility.

And of course,who could forget music ? Japanese pop music can be included in one’s playlist too.In my country’s case, it is a typical scenario.And this blog is more focused on the musical aspect.Yes! I hope you could forgive me because, Im a fan.Well, well, well..

For teenagers, boybands could be very common.Well, since I feel that same feeling of being a ” teenager” ( since aging is only in the mind ), I decided to write this post.

And so this is my first random thought blog post, under my RANDOM THOUGHTS CATEGORY.And so,why I choosen this article to be, well, it is because this is really me and this is what I’m feeling to post right now.

Drop the drama, but this comes from the heart and this could be personal at some point.

So, without further adieu, I have giving you the 10 reasons why loving Japanese boyband made me, or could make you a better person also.

  1. It will make you prouder you are an Asian-their minimalist theme of architecture and room theme are being adapted by even famous architects and interior designers.Their tight reservation of their faith , culture, and heritage will amaze you.
  2. You will understand why your girl friends are having a cosplay-themed party -.cosplays (that are being adapted not only to Asian but also to European countries etc. part of the globe),  to their  fashion; from the traditional ” kimono”  to their animated pop culture
  3. It will transform you to be more talkative than you’re used to– Japanese are reserved, polite and shy people, so if you want to be their friend, you need to have that courage to be talkative, be an extrovert and outgoing if in case you’re not.
  4. It will make you appreciate English more– If in case you are still in doubt of yourself, and still not confident about it, well it’s now time for you to browse your grammar books and practice your english.It will be an advantage for you also since talking with them is not only interesting but also can improve your English level also.
  5. It will provoke you to learn Japanese language – don’t be afraid to learn the basics.Be eager to practice their basic ( at least ) greetings, while having conversations with them.And this mean, mutual respect.You both learn different languages at the same time.
  6. You will be a Japanese food lover – you may see yourself learning how to use chopsticks and having great joys about it.The artistry of their cuisine and sushi making is such a great motivation.
  7. You will be an alternative pop-rock lover – most of their music, aside from folk dances presented on their ” kabuki ” performances features electric, rock and even alternative ones.A far more different from the usual J-POP though, but their rap songs as well as their singers will definitely make you a copycat and will make you forget about Justin Bieber.
  8. YOu will understand why your boyfriend, your friend got the coolest haircut in town-unique hairstyles which are being household names and now being  adopted worldwide.
  9. YOu may find yourself applying for being an  ESL instructor- majority of English as a Second Language students are from Japan.A  lot of countries cater Japanese students , both online and offline setting,thus making them as a large market.Teaching them English could be a good job  oppurtunity to you if in case you are jobless right now.
  10. You will be a lover of Naruto, One Piece and other mangas-From their mangas transformed into television dramas and movies( having both domestic and international screenings),they catered not only kids as well as big men also.If in case your boyfriend is into this, well it means you could have a better flourishing relationship since you can now relate.Thus, as a girlfriend you won’t demand his time because you are into it.


That’s all. I hope I’ve given you an informative article today.

Much love,





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