Pizza Republic,Cebu – where Pizza Party becomes extra gorgeous!!!

You can’t buy happiness.But you can buy pizza.And that’s exactly the same thing

True ! Definitely.Indeed the best quote for my today’s blog. Imagine these three mouth-watering pieces of joy right in front of your very eyes.



Pizza lover ?Well, in my case its a yes.Although, I could say that a slice, two or three could be just enough.And I’m already satisfied about it.If you will be sitting beside me on that one great table, I will be generous enough to give you other slices since my stomach is going to tell me that, it’s time to give up eating or else, we will be departing because you are still eating and I’m already in the toilet,vomiting.And definitely it sucks! right ?

I know, you are thinking the same thing.Well, good to know…

Pizza is happiness.I think so.Especially when you are just came out from work and got no place to go but to that nearby pizza parlor of your town.I definitely understand that feeling that when hunger strikes, you forgot what the word ” boyfriend ” means,.Well, this is a case to case basis though.Although, it may happen sometimes.LoL

I have a bigger stomach and a wider appetite, when it comes to food.And as a foodie, it could be unlimited.Yes, sky is the limit if the topic is food.When we love someone, we are giving them chances, something that could make them happy, right ?And now , my topic is already off base.Well, let’s go back on track.Let’s go back to this thing,called ” pizza “.

I love pizza.And I will always be thankful to whoever who invented or made this recipe, that wow! I am enjoying it right now with my favourite soda.And not to mention, I’m with my friends who happened to be pizza addict too.

Addict.Yes, because they can’t live a weekend without eating one.Yes.You’ve heard me right.Your listening skills is still pretty amazing!Yes, it is.They will be even go gaga if they can’t eat one.

So, the place name is PIZZA REPUBLIC located on the 2nd floor, Ayala Center Cebu.Its main branch is in Genco. Address: Salinas Drive (across Golden Cowrie) in Lahug, Cebu City.


-Pizza Republic Pick + Mix by Giuseppeimg_1913

Upon entering, you could see this scene.And it just made us excited to try our very own pizza mix.

img_1911Operating Hours: Daily from 11AM-10PM

Here , you could do the following;

  • You’ll have the chance to see your dough being prepared right in front of you.
  • note : each pizza is having  10″ ( size )


  • Choose you sauce, white or red. You can mix them also


  • Choose your cheeses.


  • Choose your meat
  • Choose your veggies


  • Choose your herbs
  • Pay 245php per pizza


Before you go, don’t forget to say Hawaiian…! ( that’s my favourite flavor )


img_1740Until next time.We will surely come back…



*photos not mine 😉


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