CEBU, PHILIPPINES- the place for your next guitar ;-)

Music describes what words can’t

Cebu, Philippines. The what so called the ” Queen City of the South ” is the place I called my ” second home “.It is the place where you can have the taste of heave. Gorgeous beaches are everywhere starting from North to South that serves not only  a destination for both tourist but also for locals as well. The food ,I am pretty  sure you are thinking of ” lechon ” /(  roasted pig in English)  in your mind right now and you will crave for rice after.( laugh ).From the native ones, Cebu offers other cuisines too.Restaurants offering Mediterrenean, Korean, Indian, Japanese food are everywhere.They are so many, and there’s no reason of leaving, I guess.

The people, they are hospitable and accommodating enough for you not to resist but to learn, Visayan as your additional dialect.

Cebu offers various things that are simply uncountable.If I were to count them all, well, I couldn’t simply finish this blog I guess.

So, I think I better begin with those things that made Cebu not only a ” Queen ” among all Southern provinces, but also made it as a household name to the world.

And I chose guitar as an example.


THese picture I have right now with my friends way back 2010 shows how deeply we adore music.During this day,I could still remember that it was me who really urged these two to spend our weekend in Mactan and buy our very own guitar.

From Cebu CIty, we spend almost an hour trip towards Mactan Island.


( This photo is not mine.This was taken from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

It was traffic during that time, so the supposed to be 30 minute trip was doubled.We had our own hired vehicle also.We spent 15 php riding a boat from the port/pier in going to Mactan.Passengers are numerous since it was a weekend.Many tourists were present,and at the same time locals who were all enthusiast to have the grasp of the island. It was a smooth-sailing one, as the tides cooperated and we were thankful about that.

We ended up at the GUITAR MASTER SHOP. They are called one because, simply for the reason that they are one of the pioneers of guitar making in the island.Their guitars ranges from 700- 5000. Prices are negotiable. YOu can have “hangyo ” *haggle if you want.

For someone who is a lover of music, guitar master is a place for you.YOu will be welcomed by various designs of guitars that, only in the Philippines.And when I say , only in the Philippines, I mean ” unique “.YOu can’t find it anywhere else if you will be talking about quality, durability, style for example.

So, what are you waiting for ?

Choose your guitar.Choose Cebu.Choose Philippines.And let’s rock and roll !





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