BOHOL BEE FARM-when you want nothing but the BEST ORGANIC

I am not hungry. I am just bored.Therefore, I shall eat


Hell yeah, its a weekend again.What’s the weather today? Well, boredom.And the climate?,its still inconsistent.But still, I am hoping for a very good one.

Because, I have plans…

Well , not really plans.Its very simple I guess,you know ” What the girl wants ?” What real women wants thinggy.And, I hate to say this but it’s not true love that I am asking for.Instead, give me real food.And I am talking about those organic ones.

Working six days a week could be that stressful.Even worse, I could say its “demotivating”.I found myself asking for peace of mind, another vacation leave,or 3 weekends, well if possible but I know it won’t never, ever come true.

Food makes me happy and it continue,making me happy still.For me, what matters most is your stomach is full, then you have the love and support of your family blah..blah, is enough.Live it all at once.In relation to this, the environment matters also.Once you, me I find it tiring, I see myself counting down the days, and boom yeah ! ITS  FRI-FLYDAY ! Its an RD-RD day.Why I keep on repeating the same ideas all over again? I guess I am just bushing around the bush here.But dont ,worry guys.all I want is for you to experience what I’ve experience in Bohol.



If you are a fast food person, who always rely your lunch to those fast food resto, well you better try this, especially when you see yourself tired of the usual routine of yours.Why not try this  organic restaurant I’ve tried in Bohol?

Called the BOHOL BEE FARM, this caters foodies both locals and international personas.Never missed Bohol without dropping by in this one of a kind resto.

Change is good.Be organic.

For inquires, please check their website

Enjoy !



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