SIOMAI in Cebu; when you talk about Cebu, you talk about it.

Food is our common ground, a universal experience

Meaty.Spicy.Garlic are all over.One more rice and you can’t help but to say it’s ” lami” , Visayan word for ” delicious “.

And you keep on coming back.Until your friends will tell you , you should only eat a few more since they need to eat some still.

And you may not like it though because, you feel still want more.

And you will be thankful for that you are in Cebu.That it’s more fun in the Philippines.

because, in front of you is a plate of Siomai.

Happy Eating !

Displaying 12029069_486916338157585_1159299395_n.jpg

Siomai steamed Chinese pork dumpling in Cebu, Philippines


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