Burger King Mabolo ; Where my favorite grilled beef is

People who love to eat are always the best people….

There are places to eat that  are sprouting all over the world like mushrooms today.Everywhere you go, left to right,you can find them.Your eyes will direct you to various selections of your to-go alternatives.

And we call them ” fast food “.And since I am a burger fan, I choose this one- Burger King.The King of my Burger.Well, grilled beef is mouth-watering.Especially when shared with people you love….Don’t care what time is it, as long as …You feel the every meat of the pattie that you’ve ordered.. straight from your palate,




And when you are looking for a forever love, maybe this place is the place to be..Don’t you think so..?img_20160922_233104The star of our night…..

img_20160922_233015I wanna try this one on the side later….


Good to know that this 12:00 am Food trip is just a right timing.///I’ve asked the staff to give me the chance to really have this site, and they are not that selfish.Thank you, Burger King !



So, we are enjoying for some ages now….20160922_231741Hot or COld ? you choose….

20160922_232009With Friends,

looking forward for a grilly night.


As we wait for our orders, we took the time to have some pics-pics.pics20160922_232054It’s always good to capture every moment, un caught ….

20160922_23215520160922_232200A closer look though.. I LOVE that grilly feeling..20160922_233245Too bad, I will be working the following day. These three needs to hurry up eating. Go girls, come on..hurry up!But, we need more selfies here…they said.Ok, I will be the photographer for another hour.at least, for an hour from now.Only..


The smiles. The poses speak about it all. Happiness- Checked !


People who love to eat are always the best people.



*photos not mine


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