More than just a PLACE,in  fact it is  ” Home “.I love Cebu…”


Saturday! – yehey ! It’s an RD-RD day ! meaning NO WORK!-Meaning, I dont have to turn my alarm clock on, or no need to sleep earlier than the usual because I’ve got no work, papers, lessons to finish.Because Saturday be like sleeping, eating , movie marathon, going out with friends and just enjoying what they called the cheapest habit of all- that is being yourself “It’s ” ME TIME ” BABY ! 

NO need make-up. No need to wear high heels today.

Because today is the day, Which also means – UNLIMITED SLEEPING ALERT ON ! NOW.. as IN NOW !

But just when Saturday plans were already made, someone invited me and said ” Shing, let’s go to Oslob ” 

Honestly, when he invited me, I was going to say ” NO” , I think DELIKADESA wise, maybe

But Hell ! OSLOB .. and I think , there is no reason to say NO.

Instead I’ve said a big ” YES ” But dont get me wrong here. I was with my students. I am a teacher guys, although it may not be that obvious.
And I thought,saying yes could probably mean a regret after.

Since this is indeed a very , very nice invitation.!

So, Yahoo ! here we go…



location : South Bus terminal,Cebu 

time check : 4:00

If you are from Mactan International Airport, you will be having 30 mins to be here with regards traffic.Luckily, I woke up earlier..and so we met up earlier as we’ve agreed off with.
The bus, was not that occupied during this time.It took as 30 mins for our breakfast.Mcdonald! I say thank you to you for a very good fries.Fastfood is a very good option during this time.

This trip can cost us 3-4 hours of travel. Quite tiring though !But hell yeah , this is such an incredible ride.

And now , we are ready to go..

SSHHHH.. sleep ! sleep activated , 

See you later, Cebu CIty…

Oslob ! nyahahahha. I will soon meet my brother here !

The view of Oslob will surely captivate one’s heart.

May you be a tourist or a local, surely !

Before we dip..dip..dip,  So this is the lunch baby !

and Lunch time be like ! Still Mcdo mode here ..


This blue planet though ! ….

And thanks to this man.. its possible for us to have pictures to reminisce…

Indeed such a beautiful sight ! These pictures made me awaken that indeed , its more fun in the Philippines.

I couldn’t even be more prouder about this county, PILIPINAS KONG MAHAL !

Life on earth is indeed a blessing, and I think, no I dont think! Hehehhe. 

For me, Cebu is really blessed to have this place.Such a paradise, it is !

And I am indeed a proud Filipina!

/ a thankful teacher/ a trying hard blogger/

” It is the simple things in life that are extraordinary, but only the wise can see them..”


until next time….

cc: photo credits – Y.Tsuneyoshi


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