There’s sunshine in the heart of me,My blood sings in the breeze;The mountains are a part of me,I’m fellow to the trees.~Robert W. Service (1874–1958), “A Rolling Stone,” 1912

Nature’s Finest !

This is how Cebu was, is describe by tourists who came in this beautiful city.Tagged as the Queen City of the South, Cebu possessed what it takes to be called as one.

In addition, Cebu is consist also of numerous tourist destinations that for sure, every vacationist , even locals themselves will definitely give them the time of their  of their lives.

One example of which, is what they call, THE MOUNTAIN VIEW NATURE’s PARK

When I first heard about this, I just couldn’t believe it actually.That there could be such a place.Well, I was not quite surprised though.Many people had good reviews regarding their Mountain View experiences.

And as the saying goes ” THere’s no harm in trying…”

So, I DID.

located in Busay,Cebu Philippines.. 

This establishment will surely give you if not the best, one of the best Panoramic view of the Queen City of the South..

Along with friends, I’ve decided to go here.The trip was good, it was windy during that time.The cool breeze suits me.With astonishment, I was able to have the perfect view of nature along with those curvy lines that this road has.Suspense.Thrilling.Exciting.Those are the feeling then.

Nature always gave us the best view ever, I sometimes blame my fellow human beings for destroying these blessings.I may include myself though, since no one is exempted.

Its a green, green grass of hope.

And as we go near to this site, the panoramic view of Cebu is about to be seen..

Surely, it was indeed pretty good…

This is very good for couples most especially if they want to have a romantic getaway..

Well , as for us…we only want a sweet, relaxing weekend escape..

And I guess, we’ve made a very good decision….

Although, I didn’t get the best angle, well .. i can consider that this is, a good view though …

And we welcome ourselves…

honestly , we were welcomed by the staff…

The experience was awesome…

This is the rate …..

For 12 person – 1200 php

For 5 person –   600 php

For 4 person – 400 php

For 2 person – 200 php

What to expect :

1. Camping Sites    -perfect for teambuildings ! 

                 2. Children’s Playground – for children to enjoy 

3. Swimming pools –  clean and comfy 

 4. Function halls – perfect for events like weddings , baptism etc…

Expectation …..

exceeds my REALITY …

And you really need a date by this time now,,,,,,

And it’s time to say goodbye, until next time then…

We always go back to nature .. We owe nature a lot..

Such a breathtaking view down there ….

Over looking CEBU….

We had ” pakyaw ” system for our transpo..

We paid 800 php for the 2 way..

Suggestion : It is better to have ” pakyaw system for savings sake.

note : riding habal habal ( single motorcycle can be impractical especially if you will go there by group)

” Nature always wears the colors of the

 spirit. “

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Until next time, Mountain View……


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