Duzz Grill, Lahug Cebu Philppines


Trying to get to know YOU – Duz Grill ( The Cluster Apple’s Team Dinner ) 

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.

-Michael Jordan

Time, is the most precious gift you could ever give to people whom you love.Not only to people you consider workmates,but also people you call ” friends”.

But sometimes though, time can be a reason why friendship collapsed.

Especially when we say..” Im too busy , enough not to spend time with you guys….”

And so, we decided to organize our cluster teambuilding, like this dinner to be exact.Since everyone doesn’t have the time to cook , we came up to have dinner as our final plan for this event.

Planning can be that too stressful though, but fortunately and lucky enough, the weather was a bit cooperative.

Good to know, it didn’t rain.

Well , Thank you weather! 

This team dinner is not only time to spend on eating but also,time to unwind and discover this one of the coolest place in town as they’ve said.

And this team dinner is our , shall we say…” payback time “

Yay, Duz Grill- here we go !

The Venue….

location : DuZ Grill 33A Fourth Street, San Antonio Village, Apas, Lahug, 6000 Cebu City Tel #s: (0939) 936-9103; 401-9012

way back then….

And now….

No major changes except the additional food from the menu , I think.

the interior ….

A closer look….

Hello , from the other side……

Let there be light…..!

And these people are looking forward for a great steak experience…


Evening time, going home time is near….

Dinner is about to start ,

Say Cheese… 😉

Pimiento ! Cheddar ! Mozarella….;-)

Being hungry be like….

We came to this place as a group.I have to say , Im so sorry folks, but my images of the menu was corrupted. Sorry for that.However, I can guarantee you that being in this place won’t just give you good food, good atmosphere but also good memories.

Well, we came as a group.We’ve paid , 250 each.Isn’t that amazing?

Well, well,..so what are you waiting? Love Duz Grill like I do…?


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