COFFEE PRINCE Cebu : the ” Prince of my coffee”

“Coffee smells like freshly-ground heaven”

                        -Jessie Lane Adams


Inspired by this quote.Yeah,a big ” YES ” to coffee lovers out there.Indeed, I just couldn’t agree more.

But to someone who seldoms drink coffee, this is somewhat, shall I call it ” intriguing”
And I was like ..” ok, let’s see “
Well, thanks to Angie,my friend,who  texted me last Friday night inviting me for a coffee date a day after. How dare me refuse.I have reasons.
First, its gonna be “free “.Well, thanks Angz,( i know you’ll be reading this) 
Second,my vacant Saturday schedule’s now occupied.
Third,it is the best time with a long-time-no-see friend.
I stopped drinking coffee already.The doctors told me,I should.I told them back,”Why oh why ?” As if missing Starbucks frap would mean, missing half of my life.
Well, I am not after the expensive ones.What I am actually particular off with is the ambience that I might, or my friends or whoever I am with at that particular moment.
To share that ” Coffee ” feeling as they’ve said.
To be honest, I sometimes escaped to this not-so-user friendly advise and I chose to disobey.Forbidden things,when you try them can provide a more glorious outcomes.
Yeah !
If coffee addicts can have or organize a particular club, well I’m afraid I couldn’t be a member anymore.Though, I need to admit,I want to become one.Badly.
So after that moment, I am just being contented now having coffee as a part of my daily reading.I have some book.I can read some recipe, how to do this and that.But hell yeah ! you need one of the most expensive machines ever!And I won’t ask my wallet for that anymore since it will really say ” No”.Can’t afford of that.Period!

As coffee is a big part of someone’s everyday living,people from almost all walks of life, need coffee.They need it, well ..we need it for several reasons.After seeing this quote for example, it made me think that somehow,this could be right.And when someone called you up for a coffee date, I could sometimes feel I can be on cloud 9.Heaven it is indeed.Just having its aroma, can make someone feels like one.To be honest,I am not a fan,although I may end up begging for it sometimes.

From the traditional flavor, to the contemporary down to modern cafes, coffee had been and still a vital  part of one’s  table.There are places that would simply offer you a cup,then you see yourself talking with an old friend that you’ve known for so long and that you will  will end up having another one.Usually, I can see this on movies especially those of Hollywood ones.Chitchat is very common.And that simple coffee experience can contribute a lot; making new friends, unwinding,or simply to be called ” me “time.Saturday,is an RD-RD Day.Well, not so special to some though.But as for me ! For me, it is! ‘Cause Saturday means, no alarm clock on and I can see myself having a clock body,which moves from the headboard to its edge,from side to side without worrying about how the next 8 hours of my life feels like.

This also means,” no cellphone policy”.Certainly, a DND mode.A do not disturb mode to be exact.My friends, they know that when this day comes, I simply can’t and shall I say, won’t reply to their messages.Waking up with 10 misscalls,20 unread messages is a typical scenario.I guess.I think so!
After I overcomed the my hunger for sleeping, I woke up,seeing like ..”do not forget.Date with angie at 3pm” 
Shall I blame my friend?for booking me for a date?or shall I blame myself for making these reminder,on ?
Which is which?
Well, the bottomline is.. it’s a date!
And I’m happy because, for sure, she will treat me….
well, blame this 15-30  payday huh?( smiley) 
But didn’t expect that I will finally find a prince of my coffee table on this particular day….

Establishment’s name : Coffee Prince

location: 0246 Osmenia Blvd.Capitol Site,Cebu City 6000
Only 7 php away by jeepney,accessible from any parts of Cebu City.Great!
I was quite unsure about what the heart icon really means since this is not love month.However,as the saying goes ” WHy wait for February if you can fall inlove everyday? “
I couldn’t believe my eyes as I begun to meet this wonderful facade.

I found myself overwhelmed by the smell, the relaxing aroma of various coffee being made in front of me , is indeed ” hmmmm, mouthwatering ” 

We are accommodated not only by friendly staffs,

but also good looking ones too…

And this serves as one of their menu guides , 

So,this is the one you will be looking for if you need to know the rate of the coffee you are looking for.As for me, I like frappe.So, those are the one I’ve looked up of with first.

Please feel free to choose….

and feel free to pay of course ! 

they are also offering meals such as breakfast of the day.

Hope that I’ve took a good picture though….

Their pastries ……which ranges from 200-400 php can be a tolerable delight for your sweet’s hunger.

So, if you want to check what kind of coffee suits you best, well you better look up ,….

and look up again…

“Someone will just give your coffee mam”and our silent prayer was ” I hope that guy over there, will be the one..”

yikes !


The ambience?promotes a very wonderful, relaxing, comforting one,

especially for students who want to have an extra space for their review, home study and any related school works.

Or when someone just need a little time, away from everyone…

I think, it’s not only coffee that I will be getting.Also,the sleep that I’ve been looking for these past few days…

 Someone told me , she’s tired already….

My friend over here at all smiles, as we are about to have our coffee.Me? I am happy because I was able to capture this photo having a very good photobomber ! Something to ponder….or shall I say, someone to ponder…

And she is not a shy-type ( kidding ! ) 

Head’s up ! We are now ready to conquer the world..

hhahahaa..the second floor rather …

Keep calm

I almost thought, I am in Paris though !minus ..this angry face here…

haahhaa..glad to know, you’re not real..

And this ” Paris Themed ” painting on one of its walls are pretty obvious.I was almost carried away

and it feels like , I am indeed in Paris.LOL

This blocks of ” flats ” will able every customer to taste their coffee crave at the same time, enjoy laughing with friends unlimited.It could be too loud though,and your secret wish?to have considerate neighbors after you’ve found your area. 

On the side, you can see the wall decorated by this heart shape thingy.Here,you could see that they are having some ” hugot lines “particularly talking about love, failures, its hopes and aspirations.I think, this makes if not some, almost all theme cafes right now.,are having in common. Just like when you refer it to movies, CAMP SAWI is an example.Well, if you’re familiar to this movie, you can relate to me, 90 % at least.

AS we wait for that handsome barista , here .. we’ve chosen our refuge.

Glad to know, there was still one vacant slot.

Weekends are peak days, as the staff said.

Oh yeah, shall we ??????

The Aftermath… 😉 

Definitely ! Definitely , be returning again…

Obviously, we really enjoyed this 3-hour ” me ” time with of course, with my friend Angie…

And someone is still not ready to leave though…

Until next time again,…SOON !I hope so..

” Everyday, don’t forget to do something different.Be awesome.You’re gorgeous …”

And these, wrapped up everything…

Amazing, indeed!


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