CHIBORI,Cebu;Changing my Japanese Cuisine’s Perspective


                            –  David Mitchell

Japan- THE LAND OF THE RISING SUN. The land of the proud samurais, ninjetsu , the beautiful kimono,the home of my favorite mangas- one piece and naruto,etc is actually my dream country to go into.The thing is, when ? And the answer is the big I DONT KNOW.

Well, Japan is not only a proud FIRST WORLD COUNTRY, but also the home of the colorful SUSHI and RAMEN , and etc and etc.I maybe exaggerating here, but I can’t deny the fact that through the years, Japan and its culture had made me so curious enough for me to learn their language, and of course, its Against all the odds of my life.

They said, be patient right ? IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHING.

When I’ve became a teacher, and so happened to teach, Japanese students, the curiousity about Japan, Japanese, and their culture, never left me.

It’s like a shadow haunting me every night.

Teaching them was, is and will always be fun.

But it’s not only English that I love to teach them. I am also a teacher teaching other academics subjects too.And in addition, Hospitality Industry is among my list.

( Please dont invite me on Math classes though )

Japanese Cuisine is one of the best cuisines I’ve ever met in my whole hospitality industry life.As a teacher, I really admire how Japs made their food, though I still dont know how to make one.Maybe you will be asking me , why?

WELL , my answer would be , like this… first, I’ve found it so difficult to make. I need a very good chef’s knife if that’s the case.

Second, I need artistry. Some talents for example..and I dont think I have enough actually.

But I am willing to be trained despite.

Thirdly, some ingredients are not maybe available in this country, though some are.But could be that kinda expensive though.

So, Practicality … ! Financially unstable maybe ? HAHAHHA.

Anyway, I’ve got cookbooks anyway. I can practice ( by viewing ) !

but , I still need the ” LEARNING BY DOING ” principle be activated though.

Japanese FOOD ? ayay , CHOPSTICKS ! it hurts memeng..I dont know how to even handle ..

Will you show me ? Please teach me how….

The struggle is real…

Their food for me , is just amazing !That’s why , I said to myself ..i have to make this as one of my blogs.

This is one of my most personal blogs.Why ? because during this time, I’ve been with people whom personally, really close to me.And having this experience was indeed so memorable.There are so many reasons why, and I think, we could have at least one day in order for me to really narrate totally, how I’ve enjoyed this time of my life.

When I went to Chibori Restaurant,I was kinda hesitant to enter.Honestly, I’m not really into Japanese Food. And though having Japanese students already made me aware of the J-POP Culture, still I need to admit that I still find using chopstick very difficult.Yeah , yeah ! people say it’s such an elementart thingy , but hell yeah ! its calvary for me ( hahahaa) , but it doesn’t mean, I dont like to learn…it’s just that, Ok..Ok , I think, I am just having some stupid excuses here.

Anyway, let’s get back to work now. Time to finish this blog anyway….

Chibori Sushi Bar and Shabu shabu is located in Cebu IT Park ,Apas, Cebu City Philippines.It is one of the premier Japanese Restaurant in the city and probably, be your next Japanese cuisine’s destination, if you are into Japanese food.

And one thing more, before I proceed… the FRONTAL VIEW of this restaurant was corrupted from my cam.

Is it too late now to say sorry ?

This is the menu .. 

Japanese na Japanese di ba ?

Wala lang , love this picture lang….wishing lang to wear this kind of OOTD one of these days….

I love pictures having these view and I always dream of myself having YUkata !


The interior. Feels like I’M in Japan already. Kakaloka ! feel na feel ko ang moment…

The staff ? They are all good looking, neat and presentable as they greeted us with Hospitality. Minus points for me lang kasi I dont know the basic Japanese greetings, however..its not yet too late …

So, Hajime Mashite ? Ogenki Desu ka ?

I guess, trying hard lang kaayo jud  ko and my blog has English, Bisaya , Tagalog mix.

I can have Hiligaynon also, if you permit…;-) 

So, here it goes. THE MENU.

Maki – Maki – Maki -ki – u-so a-ko ! 

Sushi as my Ala-Carte ! Ganbatte ne ! 

 As The menu pages now unfolding….

Prices are tolerable .. ? or shall I say .. tolerable for those who can afford the price maybe…

Yose-nabe ! here we go,

Appetizer List 

Yasai Salad is so delicious for me, I can even forget where I came from…

hahahaa. 😉 

And when you talk about sashimi..

YOu talk about .. SA-SHING- ME ? LOL,

And you are like, ” HANGGANG SAAN BA AABOT ANG 20 PESOS KO? “

Pero parang ” di yata kayang umabot …” 

I think , I think. its time to learn  Japanese words right now, huh ?

Oh – my – G ! Bento.. ! here we go ….! Ang sarap nito.. lalo na pag LIBRE .. hahaha!

WOW, ” drop your jaw , Shing-san…”

Which is which ?

So, I think I could have brought 1000 at least….but someone is treating me right now..


Ramen, baby.. Ramen baby ! Feels like I’m in Kyoto…hai !

Tempura daw oh .. ! Tempura daw oh.. ! I dont think I could still have fork with this..

Kamayin ko nalang kaya ?para mas yummy…

Japanese cuisine is a very artistic one, isn’t it.. !

Plating was very cute ….

What I like most about Japanese food is that – they really incorporate vegetables among their menus.

No wonder, ang healthy nila.

One student of mine , even told me ” Teacher, just drink tea.Avoid soda please..”

And I was like ” nganga ! “

Parang ang hirap atang i give up ang isang bagay na nakasanayan mo na…

Hugot !

Oh ayan ,. pili ka pa. Make sure lang ha na may pambayad ka? ! hahahahaa

” wala nga eh..”

Lasingan na ba to ? May work pa ko at 1pm

Juice nalang !

Pwede nalang bang i take home to ? parang ang bigat ata sa tyan ! burp..burp…

Filipino Spirit is here , despite….

The struggle is REAL.. Sorry guys,.if I will be using chopsticks, I dont think I can finish the food for only half an hour. Need to go back to work pa kasi eh..

Love this view….

Hindi ko alam kung ano to , pero Im sure PATIS ..

#aSSUming lang

Life is beautiful

especially , pag ang straw is malapit na sa yo..

And that feeling when you overcome your fear and had that first ,you know, always the first time ! So excited to taste this one , dude !

 This is the HIGHLIGHT.. THE MAIN EVENT ! Goodluck , Shing -san.

                                                       Ganbatte Ne , !

 @650 php.

                                               Important Reminder: Prices may change without prior notice.

I’VE GOT the time of my life…

And I’ve got it FREE …..

Thank you sa aking sponsor….

Arigato Gozaimasu ,

Before I say good bye I want to leave you guys with this wonderful Japanese Proverb….

” Fall seven times, Stand Up Eight …”

or you can say ….

” Order seven times, EAT for EIGHT ..”

Until next time,….




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