Road Trip With Team Shing be like…..

A short and I hope a meaningful introduction to everyone before we start…

BACOLOD- The City of Smiles. Ang SYUDAD sang Yuhum , if you will translate it to the local dialect of the Bacolodnons, or shall we say the locals of this land.Bacolod, is not only known for its rich history, way back to its rich Spanish era roots( which the richest Bacolodnons like Araneta, Gonzaga, Gatuslao , Luzuriaga heir came from and etc ) , smiley people who tagged themselves as ” malipayon na mga tinuga ”  ( happy people ) , na bisan ano ang problema,maka kadlaw lang dyapon ( Though no matter the circumstance/s is/ are, they can still manage to laugh, to its sweetest piyaya ( one of its well-known delicacies) , but also to its amazing places,that indeed, enriched and cultivated by its dramatic historical roots that was past on from one generation to another …

Join me as we discover Bacolod, my hometown. 

With my team of course, Team Shing….

May 13-16 

is the date.

Me and my team, also I can called ” friends ” agreed to have our teambuilding in Bacolod.As their teamleader, well…it is indeed an honor to be with them,not also as what they’ve said ” call of duty ” but also the fact that, to introduce to them my hometown, my root, where I came from, is indeed very memorable. It is a pleasure, especially when everyone shows their eagerness to travel and discover what really lies ahead the word, Bacolod itself .

So, we’re decided to pursue this blue print plans.

After our shift, we decided to have our trip, be the trip of a lifetime.Sounds enormous though, and it maybe such an ambiguous adjective,yet just by thinking that we will be there few hours from now made us excited.

But before anything else, we need to overcome this almost 9 hours of trip.

So this is the schedule 

photo credit : North Bus Terminal , Cebu City 

and so my teachers are looking forward for the best trip ever !

we had an almost 9 hours of trip from Cebu to Bacolod,

Sm to Cebu North Bus Terminal

expenses divided by 5

= 75 php for the taxi fare

= 10 pesos for the entrance fee of the taxi towards the terminal

= 390 bus fare To toledo ( aircon )

= 5 pesos for the terminal fee

= 180 for the ship



 and so my teachers are looking forward for the best trip ever !

” kapoy ang byahe actually ”

We arrived at the north bus terminal , Bata Bacolod City.

Not so dugay though, because since this is already an archive plan, my friends, my best of the best friends, volunteered to be our guide and at the same time our drivers for this trip.

with our Drivers..Dodot and Bernie…;-)

Bacolod Road trip , here we go !!!!!!!!!!!

Some one is excited already….

yehey ! Dugay pa ??????

Selfie , one more…

sya daw ang pinaka tisoy…ambot lang ayhan….

sa pihak na bahin…..

On our way to Campuestuhan Highland Resort, 

Guys, please ko handa sa inyo 150 for the entrance…..palihog ! 

Since this is multi -dialect trip, this is a must ILONGGO MODE TRIP.

So everyone was required to have ILONGGO MODE ACTIVATED.

Happy lang ko as a TL, i have good people with me…

Wala ko naghinulsol, at least.

May isa gid ka tawo dri na malipayon gid sa iya na gin ubra ah..haahahahaha

Tag na yan..tag na yan

Dali lang gid, amo ni ang resulta ?? 

Kapoy na day? Ti pauli na ta sa Cebu ?

Migo ko, daw aders aw…?

Dulom na….

Kaya pa? kaya pa ah…

Sus..nanu !

Mambukal Resort, Sum-ag Bacolod CIty.

San Sebastian Cathedral…

one of the oldest in the country,

Indeed a very memorable one…

BaCOLOD, indi ka gid na mon malimtan…

*Prices may change without prior notice….

Be informed. 

” Travelling can cost you for a while, but the memories- they can haunt you for a lifetime, if you will not spend it with people whom you will spend your lifetime …”

– From yours truly,,,,


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