Bacolod, Philippines


It was such a great day. The countdown stopped, as we are now ready for our BACOLOD TRIP.

Something that we had planned for years, just kidding lang!To be honest, we almost failed, and cancelled this trip since we weren’t able to really check the schedule of the bus.

Me, on the other hand as the facilitator of this trip and knowing that I am the one who’s from Bacolod, was the one who’ve pushed through …

through the help of course of my 3 friends, namely Joel, Chelle and Ace.

After our shift, we went to our respective homes in order to take a rest.The trip for Bacolod will be 10pm, so we can still rest.

Empake time = checked !


Chimes : Yahoo ! Bacolod .. here we go !~

This photo was taken before the trip ! and I dont know what to say, nor to put as a caption on this, but I think I am still fresh-looking here.YOu think so?

You’ll say yes ,right ?

Unsure? well, one thing is for sure

that is , everybody’s excited !

Bacolod Trip 

From Cebu North Bus Terminal,we decided to take an aircon bus for Bacolod , 420php

Cebu – TOledo – 3 hours, arrived at TOLEDO PORT, 11:45 PM

A bit tiring, but the excitement is really there as we waited for the barge/ light ferry, 

190 php – ECONOMY

20 php – terminal fee 

12:00 – 3:00 am – We arrived at SAn Carlos Port.

For your reference, this is the schedule of trips ( NORTH BUS TERMINAL , CEBU ) 

3:00-6:00 AM – Towards Bacolod 

Touchdown ! Touchdown ! 

We say ” Maayong Aga Bacolod ” 

maayong aga – means good morning.

here we go, 

in total : 9 hours of trip ( + TRAFFIC) 

A bit tiring, but laag man daw so panindigan….

Now this is BACOLOD ! 

Northbus Terminal, Brgy.Bata, Bacolod City.

Arrival.After 8 hours of travel, all you gotta do is to look at each other and say ” kapoya pod oi ”  ( so tiring !).Yeah ! Yeah ! I’m so sorry guys, now you know how does it feels,huh?acting like a mean friend here actually.

 I am mean! 

This is the schedule for BACOLOD -CEBU TRIP

note : Prices change without prior notice.

After waiting for almost 1 hour, we’ve decided to go to the nearest downtown.7PHP is the fare for one jeepney ride !

We went to CHOWKING GATUSLAO, And had an early breakfast in there .

Then went to our accommodation Spot – ONG BUN PENSION HOUSE.

And we went to @BACOLOD CITY PLAZA then 

Then, went back again sa pension house para maka pahuway…

Rest,beauty rest activated.ssssshhhhhhzzzzzzz

I left my friends in the accomodation and went to our house to drop by and see my family.I want to say thank you for my incredible mom, who’s been so supportive for this trip.Thank you nanay Linda, for giving us the free food of our lives.


And in addition, my mom even accompany me to see my friends and at 2pm, we decided to leave the pension house and headed to our first -to-be destination- THE RUINS.

hala ! bira….

In High Spirits … ! 

Before going home, We can’t deny the smile of the great Day 1.And we are indeed ready for our Day 2.

And its time to go home na..

pauli na kmu mga morat,

@Talisay , Negros Occidental – such a beauty


Will you excuse me now, if I’m gonna speak in Ilonggo or di ?

As in Kanami gid ni ya na lugar ya.KA BREATH TAKING – DROP YOUR JAW GID!

Opps ! INDI Pwd kasaka, kay wala ka sakaan….

Ang mga PICTURE sang mga Tag iya ! ka bongga !

 Grabe man ba ! isa lang gid ya ang mahambal ko..nakakabilib ang ila paghimo sang mansion na ini!

Chess ta ?????

Pero English ko balik ah …

This is not only for the happy souls , but also for the lost ones…


And its time to go home now…..haizt , ka sad…..

DAY 2 : +CampuestohanHighland Talisay 

Thank you sa gwapa ko na nanay , naka barato kami sang amon na service.LoL, wala kami dala na 4 wheels pero for sure may ara gid 3..

and this is the story, 

Ti,Ok man ?

WOW ! pwd amo nalang ni amon panyapon ?

So indi pa ta magsulod day ?


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