Chicken and Pork Barbeque: A must for every meal

Either you will be going out with friends for dinner or simply enjoying yourself alone, this is surely one of the things that your palate won’t miss.One of the pride of the Philippines,Chicken and Pork Barbeque, locally named as ” inasal” ( grilled meat ) .

Something that one generation to another,a part of every heritage, Chicken barbeque had became a household name when you will be talking about food.Usually, paired with ” suka ” , local name for vinegar, chili pepper sauce, tomatoes and onions, this will surely make a good combo with rice.And when you found yourself hungry, you just need to grab a bite and boom ! you have no choice but to beg for more…

Beg for more rice.

It is made possible by ” sugba” or by grilling under the heat charcoals made, and when you make ” paypay “, ( making use of a fan  ) to make the process easier and for it to cook well.Just be careful not to make some ” sunog ” or burn its meat.Made from marinated meat of chicken and pork. Beef is not commonly used here although, at some cases it does.

Marinating time could be at least 2 hours.I will surely guarantee a better taste, if in case you’ve marinated it for the whole last night.

Seasoned it with salt, vinegar , soy sauce ( locally called ” patis “),pepper, garlic and onions, and special seasonings. 

YOu can have it by sticks when you will be eating outside for a dinner or whatever the occasion is, this is applicable.

Enjoy …! Eat more…more more eat ! 😉

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