When I met Blogging

Thankful.Well, I could say that this is the best way I could describe myself when I first learned about blogging.My friends are bloggers and I’m proud of them.But in some ways, for quite some time, I may not seem to get it, why they are so into it.They call it , ” I am just having it because I’ve got nothing to do’

Others, they called it ” passion”.While some others, they told me, it is a kind of revenue for them, wherein they could money and earn some bucks out of it.

Then, I didn’t write.I was doomed, maybe.

Whatever it may seem, I am still having this kind of feeling of nostalgia.Those times, I told myself, writing something won’t be of no use for me.Though,I’ve called it before as my passion, way back high school days.I would like to say thank you to my blooger friends for the motivation.

Then, one day, thanks for some friends who gave me inspiration, I’ve found myself writing again.

And I can say, I am with myself again.

Thanks, blogging!






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