Campuestuhan Highland Resort : Bacolod’s famous Theme park

Byaheng Bacolod Presents 
Campuestuhan Highland Resort 
“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.” 
Wow .. !My caption is indeed very captivating, or it’s just me who’ve realized?Don’t you think so?Well, this blog is not actually the caption itself only but also, for the most important one, and of course, that’s my title for today’s blog ;Campuestuhan Highland Resort .
When I first learn about this kind of ” kaladtuan ” – Hiligaynon term for ” destination”, I felt nostalgic of what I am supposed to do.Suddenly I realized that I am now urging my superiors to please, help me find a way to schedule my vacation leave,so that I could go home immediately.The next thing was, I found myself excited of what the next few days will become. To pack up  my things, go home and enjoy what this ” kaladtuan ‘ has to offer.I didn’t feel strange, nor I didn’t feel awkward of this,
Well, in fact, I am indeed proud.
As a Bacolodnon, which I am, I am overwhelm.Why? Because Bacolod is finally , finally had woken up to a what so-called -tourism.
And more or less, it could become a very competitive city if not yet today because of these place.
Well, without further adieu, let the adventure begin….
Owned by Ricardo ” Cano ” Tan,( which I’ve learned when I’ve asked the staff ) who was running as one of the councilors of the City during that time, this establishment offers every single thing a theme park could offer to its guest/s.Single or married, have kids , with friends,people from all walks of life, will surely enjoy this place.
  Located in Campuestohan, CabataganBacolod, Negros Occidental, Philippines this tagged as the DISNEYLAND OF THE PHILIPPINES, plays a major role in booming the BOOMING tourism of Bacolod, The City of Smiles.
The foggy environment and the best panoramic view, what else will you ask for ?The 150 php as the entrance fee is surely worth every centavo.

Me and my friends, as we approached the entrance of Campuestuhan.We couldn’t actually define how amazing it was.The Bacolod breeze is greatly soothing our senses.It was foggy and cold during those times.

Along side, you could see some rides that serves as a teaser to any visitors, both locals and tourists.

Also, a restaurant nearby called ” Cano Gwapo ” a local term which means ” Handsome American ” was there, ready to serve the hunger of  guests who happened to visit the place.In addition to that, this serves as a “memoir ” to the owner’s nickname since locals tagged him as “gwapo”, as ” handsome ” as the place he owns.

( Please never mind the

Within few steps away,lies even a more wonderful view.Come on, let’s explore….

Oh, a nearby swimming pool, so blue and clean.( Too bad, we didn’t bring extra clothes for swimming#regret )

There, we’ve met this scenario.Well, this well be our shelter for the rest of the day.Available for rentals at a very low price.For family gatherings,weddings etc.If in case weather won’t be that cooperative though.

Some parts are still under constructions during our visit.I really hope that when I come back here, I could already see this pin wheel. Amazing ! and I am actually excited about it.

Carousel, anyone ?

Please  dont miss this one.This is very good for teambuilding and group activities.Or, simply for conquering one’s fear and testing your patience,this will surely bring out the best and the worst in you.Goodluck !

nearby ….

And since, I personally love Marvels Characters, these are the ones I never missed.

Here’s Thor… with his own hammer of course…




WONDERWOMAN.. and, I won’t wonder anymore Why she has a body like this, which I dont have.I need to blame rice, I think.Damn you rice ! Damn you…hahaahha

This photo is not only special because it has MJ here but also, having this friend of mine as a photobomber.Boom !

I was quite afraid if Rhino could see me .. I was hiding anyway.. please don’t tell him I had a shot of him. Dont…dont…

The groufie as they’ve said….plus my friend’s fingers who happened to have a selfie on the other side.Go, girl !

I can still remember not eating dinner just to see him on T.V. Seeing him in person is a very good thing though !

Dragonballs ! yay….

And when you are a little bit girly, this one’s for you..

The angry Kingkong probably wants to tell us.. ” Stop it, too many selfies already ” hahah.. and these two, didn’t even hear.I’m wondering why…

I actually forgot who’s this …? please tell me..






And as the saying goes, ” When you got tired of the sun, go to the sea…”

So, its beach time baby …



How to go to :

If you are from Cebu,you need to have 8-9 hours of travel by bus and ship.A total of 1200 php for the fare ( This is already the max budget, although I can call it only an estimate).You will be directed to North or South Bus terminal.There,you may find drivers there negotiating for Campuestuhan ride. A “pakyaw ” system is very common.Riding by taxi is discourage and would be very impractical since the place is really far from the road proper.Estimated time of travel is 1-1 1/2 hour by PUJ.It is recommended that you need to have other people with you,a group for example so that you can pay by lower cost.Prices are negotiable,however.

*The more, the merrier.So, grab your peers now and make some noise !




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